Why You Should Buy a Pokémon Card

You must have been hearing the buzz all over the internet and the gaming world about the Pokémon game and its trading cards. But do you really know what Pokémon really is aside from being a game? I doubt you do.
Well, Pokémon are creatures of different shapes and sizes, they live in the wild or with humans. These creatures don't speak very often except when uttering their names. They are brought up and commanded by their trainers (“Owners”).
During adventures, they grow and become more experienced and evolve into a stronger Pokémon.
Currently, there are more than 700 of these creatures that exist in the Pokémon universe.
Now that you have more idea about what Pokémon is, aren’t you concerned about what the global rants about the game cards are?  I bet you do.
Well, Pokémon has this Trading Card Game, where players build decks around their best Pokémon and then play against each other. While playing, they literary send their favorite Pokémon into the battle field so they can claim the best Pokémon Trainer throne.
In this game, players can start with theme decks. These decks are pre-constructed and designed to walk you through the basics of the card game. After this, players can then augment their card collections with booster packs which provide more cards, and allow players develop more diverse decks.
There are several thousands of cards to choose from, and the interesting fact about this Pokémon trading card game is that it's designed to never repeat same game twice. There are four sets of cards, called “expansions,” released each year, so that the game can continue to evolve and expand for both players and collectors.

Reason why the rant is so much about Pokémon Card is the fact that you can’t play the Trading Card Game without this card, and the most fundamental and important aspects of Trading Card Games (TCG) is what we call card advantage. Rare Pokémon Cards are often powerful and have greater advantage at winning than the rest of the game’s game card, the Rarer your card is, the higher your advantage of winning the game.
The cards in the Pokémon TCG can be very expensive, but gladly you can get some of the money you spent back by selling them, most especially if you possess some rare cards.
Rare cards are hot cake among Pokémon card collectors and competitive players, so apart from using them in the game; they are also very valuable by reselling them and earn back some bucks.
However, the price you sell your cards depends on its rarity, so try as much as possible to evaluate their condition, and then find a suitable place to sell them.

Reasons to Buy Rare Pokémon Cards Now
Now you know how why Pokémon cards are being hyped, but don’t you think you could also benefit by purchasing some of the rare cards? It’s not only about winning the game; there are several other reasons why you need to buy those rare game cards.
Some of the reasons are listed below:
·       The rarer the card, the more it will be worth as some cards are worth $20,000.
·       To keep for your own rare personal collection and watch as their values increases over the year
·       Finishing up your play mate in the tournament and lots more.

Are you still reading this? WOW!!! Get out there now and stack some rare Pokémon cards to your collection then come back and thank me later when your cards value starts going up with the year

Why You Need A Pet Ramp For Your Pets

It’s an undeniable fact that pets are a big part of our life. Most of us have a daily routine with them, and if given the chance, they love to tag along with us no matter how close or how far the place we are going. As a caring pet owner who wants to give the animal full accessibility at home, yard, and even in the car, getting pet ramps can save you a whole lot of stress.
Pets are known to have trouble getting into cars or trucks. But with the help of pet ramps, the pet e.g. Dog will be able to climb aboard without worrying about any hazard, and I believe it’s high time you stop subjecting your animal to the chore of trying to leap into the back of a truck or vehicle. Since most pets have a weight limit of about 200 pounds, pet ramps is more than capable enough to hold them. It’s also necessary for the owner to get a tri-fold ramp, which makes using the pet ramps convenient because it folds up to the size of a briefcase for easy portability and you can simply put it into the car and use it whenever you get to your destination.

It’s not a new thing to pet owners that their little or older pets always have difficulty climbing onto the house furniture, and this often makes it hard for owners to enjoy their relaxing evening at home. Most of the relaxing times are spent lifting their animal onto and off of the sofa or chair. But with pet ramps, the pet can get up and off the furniture without needing either their help or attention. Having this worries removed gives us the time to read, watch movies, or make calls with peace of mind. Should there come a time when you’d like to spend some time with either your cat or dog, it will definitely be filled with pure enjoyment, and the moment will not get spoiled by the frustration of having to constantly pick up and sitting the pet down all day.
A very important caution that goes out to the people who have swimming pools or live near any form of water is to constantly watch over their pet to avoid any accidents that might be caused by water. Meanwhile, the safest and stress free method is to get a pet ramp that is specially designed to be used in the water because this can be an ultimate life safer for any of your pet. A typical example is if your dog knowingly or unknowingly gets into the pool without pet ramps, she may not be able to get out by itself alive. However with pet ramps in place, climbing out of the pool or onto the dock is going to be an easy task for your dog.

Everyone understands that pets need exercise. Yet, a run in the park or a game of Frisbee is much more suitable for your pet's health than jumping into a vehicle or onto your living room sofa. These activities are meant to be easy and relaxing for your pet, just as they are for you, and that is exactly what Pet ramps is made to do in order to make life more enjoyable for your furry friends.

Top 4 Rare Pokémon Cards

Right from 1996, Pokémon cards have become a very popular trading card game that even after a decade, there is still many devoted players of the game.
There are several collectible cards used in playing the game. Also, there are some first editions, special editions, and specific tournaments or events card that are very rare and difficult to come across, this makes them an expensive collector’s items.
For those looking to add something special to their Pokémon trading card collections will need to do a thorough research for the rarest Pokémon cards in the game history before purchase.
Have you been searching for one of those rare cards? Why not read on and discover four from the Pokémon game cards.

1.       Pokémon Illustrator: Pokémon Illustrator is the ultimate & grand master of all Pokémon cards. This fabled card was awarded to some lucky winners during the select illustration contests. Having this card automatically portray the owner as an “Officially Authorized Pokémon Card Illustrator.” Although, it's said that 39 copies of this card were distributed.
The Illustrator card sells between $20000 and $50000 during auctions. We really hope to see it become the next Honus Wagner Card.

2.       Prerelease Raichu: There have been several bizarre legends about Pokémon cards, but the story behind Prerelease Raichu is even stranger.
This elusive card was erroneously created during production of the prerelease Jungle Clefable, and the accidental cards were then shared between employees of the Coast Wizard.
The Prerelease Raichu was later made public in the year 2006 when a former Wizard of the Coast employee came forward with an image of the card and narrated its origin.
Although Wizards of the Coast does not acknowledge this but rumors have it that eight or ten copies of the card were produced. The card was also said to be worth more than $10,000.

3.       Charizard: After being featured on the original Version of the Pokémon Red cartridge, Charizard became one of the most iconic monsters in the series. If you ever played the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you will notice that the original Charizard gained instant notoriety for its bulky 120 HP and the 100 overkill damage, making it the first valuable Pokémon card.
Although Charizard’s value are based on their respective set. The first edition of the Base Set Charizard can go on sale for about $500 or more. Even their Skyridge versions have been reportedly sold for as much as $800. One thing is certain; as long as the Pokémon game exists, there will be gamers on the hunt for Charizards.

4.       Numbers 1, 2, and 3 Trainer Cards: These cards are given out at the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Finals, and the only way to earn this card is by being the best that no one was ever was.

The No.1 Trainer Card is released annually with its value increasing alongside its year. Acquiring this rare Pokémon card automatically grant you entry and access to the following year's championship event.

Best Sites to Buy Admin Panel Templates

Most of Websites are created to look beautiful but you guys have not the slightest idea on what's going on back-end. Some webmasters and designers are having what I call a cat and rat fight with their website admin panel because of how tattered and rigid it is.
Don't know what admin panel is? I'm sorry I skipped that. Admin-Panel is the backdoor of every single websites and WebPages you see on the internet. It is workshop where all the hard work is done so you guys can have a wonderful experience while checking out the website.
Admin panels also have their user interface where all the necessary tools and functions are displayed to the developer/webmaster but most of the designs on this panel are not really something to write home about because they are scattered, waste excess time while loading and frustrate the designer. In order to avoid this frustration, you need a well formatted and soundly designed admin panel template to make your experience as a webmaster easier.

Who Needs Admin Templates & Why:
Are you thinking about creating a new website or you probably had one but want to revamp? Keep in mind that it's extremely important that the website’s backend is powered by a good-quality and feature rich admin panel template where you can see lots of data on one single screen/place.
What a lot of web developer/designers do these days is refurbishing the admin-panel. This simply means equipping the admin panel with some better functions, options and tools which will in turn improve the website’s function and its overall performance.
Hopefully technology is now advanced to the level where you don't need weeks or months to work on a design and development of this panel. Asking how? Yes that's true because you can simply buy and download one good Full Responsive and Professional Admin Template and save yourself the whole designing and developing hazard.

How to choose right Admin Template
Most of the Best Admin Dashboard Design Templates are built with CSS3, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap Framework for Responsive Design, and AngularJS libraries, so they can give Admin amazing user experience and beautiful User Interface.
I realized that what most people search on Google are either ‘Best Dashboard Design Templates’, ‘Dashboard Template HTML5‘, simple ‘HTML5 Dashboard‘ or ‘HTML Dashboard‘ because they don't know how to choose the right Admin panel template so they tend to depend on bloggers who are indirectly affiliates to the template they rated on top in their various blogs. I'm not saying they are all liars but some of them are, and by the time you realized the template is whack, you've already bought and installed it on your website hereby enriching them indirectly.
So how do you choose the right template? Watch out for the below qualities whenever you are about to choose a template for your admin dashboard.
·       Little or no Design Required
·       Multiple UI Components
·       Responsive Design
·       Multiple Color Schemes
·       Unique Layouts
·       Compatible With Most or All Browsers
·       Advanced Tables
·       Guarantees Very Little or No Lost Time
·       Chat Function
·       Easy Store Creation
·       Ticket System
·       Animation
·       Calendar Needs
·       Free & Effective Support
Where to buy Admin Panel Templates
Now that you have full knowledge about what an admin template is and how to choose the best one, I thinks it’s time you know where to get a dashboard template with all those features or most of the features.
There are several online store and marketplace with several displays of admin dashboard templates. Some of these templates are expensive and some are pocket friendly, but good templates that guarantees good user experience ranges from $40 - $60. Although there are some good templates that are less expensive than that but it’s safer to have such budget in mind. Beware of some online theme marketplace that are only interested in their affiliate commission, most of them are not to be trusted which is why I will be recommending two marketplace that is guaranteed to buy Admin templates that suits your need.
aa)       ThemeForest: The name ThemeForest has become a household name in the web designing field, this template store has provided several thousands of templates for top-notch websites and blogs.
They feature various templates for WordPress blogs/website, Html pages, Landing Pages, Email Marketing templates, Various CMS, eCommerce, UI Designs and also various WordPress plugins.
Most developers and web designers prefer Themeforest as their number one go-to place when in need of a good and high quality templates.
Just because this marketplace is a top template store doesn’t make their templates over priced, you can get a template over there for as low as $2!!! Yes 2 USD.
Check them out at https://themeforest.net/

bb)      WrapBootstrap: WrapBootStrap is a Bootstrap theme store that is fully loaded with HTML5 & CSS3 framework perfectly designed to help you kickstart the development of webapps and websites. This bootstrap marketplace is the go-to place if you need any responsive premium Bootstrap admin templates and themes for your web design projects.

With BootStrap, you can impress your clients and visitors while using a single and rock-solid foundation.
High quality themes are priced between $10 - $20 ranges.
Why wait? Visit https://wrapbootstrap.com/ now and select the responsive theme that suits your taste.


Tecno 7C DroidPad Full Tablet Reviews And Price

Have you been looking for an android tablet that runs on Android 5 Lollipop?
Well i guess your wait is over with this new tecno 7c tablet which is also known as driodpad 7.

There are not much tablet enjoying this new android OS but fortunately and luckily tecno 7c does.

Below are the necessary tecno 7c phone reviews we could gather on this device:

Display And Camera
tecno 7Cdroidpad 7

Tecno DroiPad 7 is an android tablet with a long 7-inch diagonal touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels for a pixel density of 170 pixels per inch, which i consider to be too low to offer impressive clarity, but is okay for its price.
Although this tecno Droidpad 7 tablet is smaller than the DroiPad 8, which has an 8-inch screen.

Tecno 7c Droidpad IPS panel should be able to deliver a decent wide-angle viewing.
In addition  the tablet did not impress much in terms of camera configuration either because Tecno 7C features a 2-megapixel main camera with LED flash and autofocus and you also get a VGA (0.3-megapixel) front camera for whatever selfie quality it can give you and also video calls.

Buy Tecno 7C Now At 24,900 On  JUMIA or KONGA

Hardware And Software
tecno 7c Tablet

Tecno 7C tablet is powered by a dual-core MediaTek MT6572 processor, which makes the tablet offers a decent performance.
The tablet CPU, which runs at speed of 1.3 GHz, is paired with a manageable 1 GB of RAM and a Mali-400 GPU.

So far the most marketable and most enticing thing i see about this tecno 7c tablet is the fact that it runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop mobile operating system, putting enhanced features and amazing capabilities in the hands of users.

tecno droidpad

Tecno 7C comes with inbuilt storage of 8 GB, which is also extendable up to 32 GB using a microSD card.
With this storage capacity tecno 7c Tablet is sure a guaranteed mobile storage bank to cater for your mobile storage needs.

This android tablet is also driven by 1Gb ram, which is enough for a minimum android phone user.

tecno tablet

Tecno DroidPad 7 provides a powerful 3000mAh Li ion battery that would get the tablet running for several hours on a single charge if not a full day.

Other Tecno 7C Features 
tecno android tablets

The tecno tablet supports 3G connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with Wi-Fi Direct and Hotspot.
Droidpad 7C do not support the use of dual SIM cards.

Tecno 7c Tablet features GPS with Assisted-GPS for finding your place easily anywhere you may find yourself.

Pricing And Availability

Tecno 7C is available in at most mobile phone stores but you can buy and get it delivered to your doorstep at


Infinix Hot 2 X510 Android One Phone Reviews And Price

The Infinix Hot 2 X510 (Android One) is a new and a very stylishly designed smartphone which is specially made to suit your personal lifestyle. 
The latest infinix phone running on the latest android M (Lollipop) is a combination of affordability and functionality. 
Infinix Hot 2 is powered and driven by a Quad-Core 1.3GHz chipset which will surely ensure that your device runs smoothly and efficiently. 

This Infinix Android One's synchronised core architecture makes multi tasking between apps very speedy. It runs on the latest Android 5.1 (Lollipop) operating system to ensure a very responsive applications. 

The Infinix Hot 2 X510 is the current and latest android smartphone from the trusted Infinix brand. 

Buy Infinix Hot 2 X510 Now At 19,500 On JUMIA or KONGA

Display And Camera 

Infinix Hot 2 X510 comes with a 5.0 inch IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen which makes tbis android phone display clear and sharp images. 

Infinix Hot 2 features also features an amazing resolution that is gonna blow your sightings away. 
With its incredible colour separation and optimized screen brightness, reading and viewing multimedia content on your phone is always a pleasure. 

You can also take amazing pictures, view videos and do whatever you decide to do, the Infinix Hot 2 X510 is sure capable to execute them all easily. 

The latest infinix hot 2 comes with a 8.0 mega pixel powered camera that captures bright and sharp images even if you are in some places with little or no light. 
With the latest infinix android Lollipop phone you can capture your hottest poses by using the device 2.0 MP front camera a d even record videos in HD for a memorable moments with family and friends, even sometimes your enemies too, just to smile when you sit back to take view later. 

Hardware And Software 

Infinix Hot 2 is driven by a 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor which makes multitasking between games,  applications and many others a breeze. 
You can Stream videos movies, live match, play games, browse the net, share on social media, all on your Infinix Hot 2 X510 at the same time without lagging. 

Wondering how this is possible? 
Well im glad to let you know that this device is powered with a 1GB RAM, so relax and enjoy your tasks 

This device is also competing with the previous infinix hot note pro android phone. 


Infinix Hot 2 Android One is a storage freak with its 16GB Memory that's also expandable to 32GB with a microSD, this android one device provides more than enough space to save all your favourite stuffs in different formats be it music, pictures, videos and other documents such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel and also PDF file. 


Infinix Hot 2 battery is not really much powerfu and rugged but it not much weak either because its battery capacity is 2200mAh which will surely last you for a day with minimal usage. 
If at all something goes wrong with power on your infinix phone, dont forget this device is running on the latest android version 5.1 Lollipop which always comes with an automatic battery saver features that automatically saves your battery when its getting low. 

Other Features 

Infinix Hot 2 X510 supports 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Hotspot to connect with either your pc or other mobile phones. 

This latest infinix android 5.1 android phone support the use of dual SIM cards which comes in handy instead of walking with pack of phones. 

NOTE:After Getting This Device You Can Enjoy 1Gb Data From Mtn At Just 500 Naira For A Good 12 Month. 
Just insert your mtn sim into your new infinix hot 2 and send A1 to 131 to activate this offer. 

Pricing And Availability 

Infinix Hot 2 X510 (Android One)  is available at most mobile phone stores but you can buy and get it delivered to your doorstep at 


Lenovo A5000 Full Phone Reviews And Specifications

The Lenovo A5000, is a must have android smartphone for those complaining of low battery power on android smartphones.
This device boasts of a 4 hours talk time with just 15 minutes of charging. So tell me what happens if you charge this battery beast for 1hrs or more?
Incase you are wondering how possible is this; well lenovo A5000 is powered with 4000MAH battery to last you for your mobile needs.
Lenovo A5000 also display on a 5 Inch HD display screen to make sure you see everything clearly, either you are browsing the web, playing games or watching a video.

Buy Now From KONGA


With Lenovo A5000 everything is crystal clear, clean and sharp.
This device also poses in-plane switching (IPS) for nearly 180° of wide-angle viewing.
Whether you are on the move or you are washing, this Lenovo A5000 is protected from water or rain or your coffee.
This is all Thanks to the lenovo Android phone splash proof nano coating, the Lenovo A5000 screen can get a little bit wet and still works perfectly fine.

NOTE: This Lenovo A500 is not waterproof, rather its screen is a little bit resistance to little water, so be careful with the device.

a5000lenovo a5000


Lenovo A5000 is driven with 8mp Rear camera for capturing of good, bad and joyous moment.
Whether you need to quickly video a ceremony or capture something important the Lenovo 8mp rear camera is sufficient to do that.
Its 2mp front camera is also amazing for taking selfies and capturing your best poses.
Hardware And Software
Lenovo A5000 runs on the Kitkat from Android which raised the device standard, by optimizing memory and improving its touchscreen so that this android phone responds faster and more accurately than ever before.
It is guaranteed that you can listen to a podcast while browsing the web, or race down the highway with the latest hit game, all without any issues.
54 comes with 1.3GHz quad core processor to ensure you use your phone faster and also multitask with ease, with this processor the android Kitkat OS will run better and produce a optimum performance.


Not only is this lenovo android phone a battery beast, the phone's RAM is driven by 1Gb which you can use to run your phones application in a minimal way and also its internal memory is 8Gb which is normal and okay for a typical android phone user and also you can extended its storage up to 32GB with MMC (memory card) which is going to be OK for files junker.
So whether you are the type that download lots of music, videos and applications, you have nothing to worry about because this lenovo device is okay for you.


As I've said earlier, lenovo A5000 is a battery beast. Its not very common to see an android phone with a 4000MAH battery capacity. But this lenovo android phone broke this jinx and gave us such battery capacity of 4000MAH.
Just because lenovo A5000 battery is strong doesn't mean its going to take ages to be fully charged.
The device Quick Charge feature will fully recharge the A5000 in just 3 hours but if you are in a hurry you can charge it for 15-minute and the lenovo phone will give you up to 4 hours’ talk time.
Plus, its energy-saving software which is also designed to prolong the device battery life.
So please what more can you request for?

Other Features

You can do more with your Lenovo A5000 with its preloaded apps like:
SHAREit, which lets you share files wirelessly without network charges or a WiFi connection.
CLONEit, which always come in handy if you want to instantly transfer all your old data to your new Lenovo phone.
Security, which speeds up your phone and protects it from viruses.
SYNCit, which lets you back up and restore your phone contacts, SMS messages, and call logs.
GPS that Works Offline.
Finding your way around the city has never been easier than with the A5000 which includes satellite controlled GPS to guide you accurately even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Pricing & Availability

Lenovo A5000 is available at mobile phone stores but you can buy or order it and get it delivered to your doorstep from:

Tecno Camon C8 Full Phone Reviews, Specs And Price

Tecno Camon C8 is a new Tecno android phone which is more focused on picture quality during day light and even at night.
This latest tecno android phone poses as a threat to even some digital cameras because of its extremely high quality image that is undeniable worth its hype.
You might have been buying android phones or even casual phones from tecno but Camon C8 is one of a kind from tecno and although this android phone is focused on camera picture quality but yet its hardware and software specs are great and mouth watering also and I bet you cant afford to miss buying this device because I doubt you will regret buying this Tecno Camon C8.

tecno camon c8camon c8


Tecno Camon C8 is one device you will love handling because of its 5.5-inch display that is enough to view your high quality pictures and recorded or downloaded videos without lagging, not only that Camon C8 is also equipped with the IPS HD Touchscreen display built to focus more on photography, with a beautiful metallic frame which will surely look smooth and fitting in your palm.
Not only that this device screen is protected with a gorilla glass, making it very hard to get broken or shattered, but that doesnt mean Camon C8 screen is as strong as brick but it's screen cant get broken that easily. 



We've been talking about the camera quality of Camon C8 all this while and you are wondering how real and true is this device camera quality that is worth the hype.
Well Tecno Camon 8 poses a primary camera of 13MP and front Camera of 5MP with auto-focus, can you now see how worthy this tecno android phone is for the hype?
Camon C8 is not one of those device with lowly bright flash light, Tecno Camon c8 13MP primary camera is equipped with 2 bright flashlight for image capture at night or at any low light area.
Even its front camera surpasses most android phones primary camera, making Camon C8 a selfie king.
You should worry less about the quality of your selfies with this latest tecno android phone. 

Hardware And Software

Tecno Camon C8 carries a quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz which simply means that this device is capable of delivering a level of performance that will be more satisfactory to normal android phone users who do not leave many apps open at the same time.
The Tecno Camon C8 runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, making it one of the latest android phone from tecno that runs on that software version apart from the (Tecno DriodPad).


After taking your selfies, pictures and recording your videos, you might be getting worried of storage.
Tecno Camon C8 is powered with 16GB internal storage which is a whooping for storing your media files and documents if you are not too over consuming. But if you are a storage freak, the camon 8 storage could be extended to 32GB with an external MMC to cater for your needs.
Not only that Tecno Camon C8 comes with 1GB RAM to run your installed android applications smoothly and fluently, with this size of RAM you can easily switch in between apps easily without any slugging response.



Camon C8 is equiped with 3000Mah Li-Ion battery to power up your phone through all your mobile operations.
This android device battery could lasts up to 10 hours talk time on a 15-minute charge. Now calculate how long it will last if its fully charged.

Other Features

This device weighs 0.18Kg and is consistent of mainly plastic.
Camon 8 Connectivity features include microUSB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Fm player, Streaming and many others.
Tecno Camon8 also boasts of dual-SIM functionality.


Tecno Camon C8 is now available here in Nigeria and in various mobile phone stores.
But you can order this android phone online and get it delivered to your doorsteps from


Infinix Hot Note Pro Full Phone Reviews, Specs And Price

Infinix Hot Note Pro is a one of a kind device which so many possessions, although this phone was an upgrade to the inferior Infinix Hot Note while Hot Note is also the upgrade to their little brother Infinix Hot.

Above is the infinix Hot series bloodline, and amongst all of them Infinix hot note pro is sitting on the throne as their big brother, possessing all what you can dreamed of in a good android phone.
Infinix hot note pro is a very durable device that you cant afford not to get because its worth the price and not a disappointment. 

I currently use this device as at the time of writing this post, infact I wrote this post with Infinix Hot Note Pro.
I've used the youngest of the infinix hot series (Infinix Hot) though the phone was a marvel buh I didn't enjoy its battery, its just too weak for me in terms of battery, any other thing else is good, but then I heard a release of hot note and I was like there isn't much difference between the infinix hot note and the ordinary hot so I was hoping they will bring up a new better device, and then vrooooom INFINIX HOT NOTE PRO arrived in a VIP plane. 

I checked its specs,  it wowed me and I was very eager to buy this device. Cutting my journey short I bought the hot note pro and its up to a month now since I've been using it and I've never seen any thing unpleasant in this device, infinix hot note pro is a wonder, be it battery, camera, weight, memory and so many extremely wonderful features that I'll start outlining in this post.
Just keep on reading……………… 


Not only Tecno Camon C8 is a good camera android phone but Infinix Hot Note Pro is a hell of a picture snapper when it comes to grabbing some interesting moments with a camera, as this device poses a 8MP primary camera with a flashlight to help enhance image quality at night or in a low light area.
Not only that, Hot note pro also has this 2MP front camera for taking a very crystal clear and good quality selfies, and also for recording a good quality video of yourself by yourself.



Infinix Hot Pro is poses with a 5.5 inch screen and protected with a gorilla glass which is very stubborn to break or shattered.
With a 5.5 inch display this android device looks more classic and buoyant in your palm giving you the bossy feeling.
With a 5.5" watching movies and looking at your pictures is going to be a very breath taking experience as its going to display them perfectly okay and in a high definition mode (HD). Even while reading any documents on this device, you will almost lack nothing as you can rotate the screen horizontally for a wide view or still  stay on the portrait mode for a long screen view.

Hardware And Software

The Infinix Hot Note (2GB RAM,32GB ROM) is a stylishly slim designed smartphone and also very light at hand because it's specially made to suit your personal lifestyle.
This android phone is a combination of affordability and functionality.
It is powered by a Mediatek Octa-Core 1.4GHz chipset which will ensure that your phone runs smoothly and efficiently.
Its synchronised core architecture makes multi tasking between apps very speedy. It runs on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system for very responsive applications and its also upgradeable to the latest android Lollipop.


Hot Not Pro is one of a kind device when it comes to storage, I mean this device is a rare breed of an android phone simply because it comes with internal memory (ROM)  of 32GB and a RAM of 2GB.
You see, you might have been buying android phones with good specifications but I know you know deep inside of you that Infinix Hot Note Pro is a king of all.

With 32GB internal memory, please tell me what do you really wanna store on this device that its not capable of? Is it applications? Games? Videos? Pictures? Documents? Just name it, infinix hot note pro is your saviour.
Although there are some android phones that poses 32GB internal memory but its rare for you to see those kind of device that will still give a space for an external SD card, yes I said it, with this hot note from infinix you enjoy free internal 32GB storage and as well be able to expand your storage with a memory card.

I told you guys earlier that I use this device currently and I store huge files, but this device was able to cater for my needs, even though I bought an external SD card of 16GB for file transfers, yet I'm yet to exhaust this device internal memory of 32GB.
Not only is this device a storage monster, yet its also a performance king, as infinix hot note pro is driven with a RAM of 2GB and you know what that is.
Endless multitasking of apps and games, extremely fast and smooth phone operations and no slugging response.

Even a phone of 1GB is doing okay with multitasking talkless of this beast that poses the power of 2GB RAM.
So to you all gurus, gamers and geeks out there, here is your dream android phone I doubt you will dislike. 



Infinix Hot Note Pro comes with a whooping 4000MAH Li-Ion battery that will last you for good 2 days straight.
Not only is this device a storage beast, its also a battery monster. Sometimes when I play games that exhaust battery like Mortal Kombat X on this device it baffles me how this device was still able to last me a day and half after playing such kind of game for more than 3 hrs with my data on with H+ connection.

Just because this device battery is huge doesn't mean it takes forever to charge, infinix hot pro is powered with the super fast charging feature that will charge your device fully in 1hrs 30mins or less and you get to use it for 2 days straight. 

Isn't that great?

Other Features

This android phone runs on the android 4.4.2 kit kat which can be upgraded to lollipop 5.0 or 5.1 (I've upgraded mine though).
This device also supports 2 micro sim which is also okay for a business man using more than one network for call and browsing.
Not only that, this device is also equipped with: Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot, USB port, GPS sensor and tracking just incase you misplace your phone. 


With all this mouth watering features Infinix hot note pro is a very pocket friendly device available in most mobile phone stores and dealers world wide, but you can buy it online and get it delivered to your house in 3days from 


Innjoo Halo Full Phone Reviews, Specs And Price

Innjoo is about to launch their new android phone named Innjoo Halo in a few days and although innjoo has been making name and raving the African & Nigerian android phone industry with their powerful, beautiful and exceptional android phones.
Innjoo have been producing quite a lot of phone which you can check them out at the 2 African biggest online shopping mall which are JUMIA or KONGA.
In some few days, Innjoo will be launching a new android phones named Innjoo Halo.
Innjoo Halo is a well crafted android device that will be launched very soon, and trust me this new Innjoo device specs is almost close to tackling the Latest Infinix Android One Device.
Continue reading our reviews to get more insights about this new Innjoo Halo.

injoo haloinjoo halo


 Innjoo Halo will be coming with a 5.0 inch screen display, which is almost perfect for playing games, surfing the Internet, watching movies and reading documents. 


 This new device boast of a 5 Mp rear camera (main camera)  and also a 2 Mp front camera for taking selfies and capturing your most elegant poses. Its camera is also equipped with the multiple-modes functionality.
Although this device camera is not that really awesome, but still it should be enough for a normal android phone user. 

Hardware And Software

innjoo halo

Innjoo Halo is driven by a Quad-Processor, and also powered with the latest Android One operating system (L). And also this device comes with a 1Gb RAM which is not so powerful compared to the types of Phones we are enjoying right now from android phone companies like Infinix and Tecno.
But yet the 1 GB is also enough for normal android phone users.
Handling this device is a very smooth experience because its back cover is made of Kevlar and also comes in different beautiful colors which are Classic Black, Shinny White and Champagne Gold. 


Halo from the stables of Innjoo is one android phone you will be astonished with because of its storage capacity. This device is driven with a 8 GB internal memory (ROM)  which can also be expanded to 32 GB with an external memory card.
Tell me what do you think of this storage in the comments section, that's why its there. 


 Innjoo Halo will be launching with a 3200 Mah Polymer battery which its capacity is able to carry you and your new Innjoo android phone for a good full day and also allows you to call for complete 15 hrs.
This new android phone can also carry you for complete 300 hrs on standby without any operation which is approximately 13 days consecutively. 

Other Features

innjoo halo specs
 Halo is equipped with a Dual Sim functionality, up to 28Mbps Download speed and 5.76Mbps Upload speed which is an awesome speed for a mobile phone.


 This device is now available in Nigeria and you can order or get the Latest Innjoo Halo from most mobile phone store and online malls.
And although this device is currently labelled with the 14,000 price tag but we are sure its not more than that so please save yourself the stress and order this device online from