Simple Steps To Bypass Twitter Character Limit

More often than ever how to tweet in twitter is not actually the issue the micro blog user faces, rather its the twitter 140 characters limit when composing new tweets, this can be very annoying and frustrating, but nonetheless the twitter word limit indirectly teaches and forces users to abbreviate and manage little spaces for tweets regardless of what you want to type.

But if you are the type that fancies tall tweets, then the twitter word limit is a major turn-off which is why i have composed this tutorial for you.

There is a service called Writelonger which allow you to Post More than 140 Characters to Twitter when Composing a New Tweet or Other Writings, This Means you can Post Longer Tweets on Twitter when others are not allowed to Post more than 140 Characters. 

1. Its very Simple, Just Visit www.writelonger.com , Click on the " Sign in with Twitter/OAuth "Link and Login with your Twitter Username and Password. 
They don't store your Information, So you're 100% safe. 
2. You will be Logged in and can now Update your Status, If you don't have any Twitter App Installed on your Device, You can use their Website to Use Twitter.

Its very Simple to use and Understand and im sure You will love it.
This writelonger service lets you Check Post that you're Mentioned in, Check Trending Topics, Upload Images easily, Flip your Updates and Many More. 

Enjoy hassle free Tweeting with excellent services offered by Writelonger. 

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