Opera Mini Browser For Mobile And Smartphones

Opera Mini has been out for a while now and I don't really think its new to anyone but for the sake of those who haven't heard about it nor use thats why this post is written.

Opera Mini is a durable, fast and elegant when it comes to leading webpages.
It minimizes webpage 90% better than other browser for enjoyable user experience.
With opera mini mobile browser you will worry less about excessive data consumption while loading webpages.

This browser has easy navigation to quickly access its settings, bookmarks and browsing history.

If you are thinking about how secure your browsing with opera mini mobile is, I can assure you your mobile browsing is safe and secure on opera database though the browser supports cookies and cache, its all for a better user experience.

Opera mini browser even allows you to save your login details for a particular website so you won't have to retype when you visit the site again.

In case you feel anything suspicious there is an option in the opera mini settings to clean and clear your cache and passwords.

You can checkout and download the browser yourself from Opera Website

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