How To Check Blackberry Subscription Expiry Date On All Networks

Most Time We Always Feel Like Checking Our Remaining Data Bundle On Our Blackberry But Cant, Now I Have Brought You The Solution To Know How To Check And Know Your Remaining Data Bundle On Your Blackberry Below Are Some Short But Valuable Codes To Send As Message Inorder For You To Get Your Remaining Data Bundle
==> Text STATUS to 21600 to check expiry date of MTN BlackBerry® Service
==> Text STATUS to 440 to check expiry date of Airtel BlackBerry® Service
==> Dial *228# to check expiry date of Etisalat Internet Service. NO CODE to check Etisalat BIS status for now. Please, if you know it, kindly share it by replying in the comment area
==> Text STATUS to 777 to check the expiry date of Glo BlackBerry® Service

I hope this helps?? If Yes Drop Your Comment And Share with Friend.

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