Full Tutorial On Setting Up Your Own Wapsite Using Wapka.mobi

Good Day Reader I Know That Most Of Internet Surfers And Lovers Have Always Love To Have Their Own Wapsite Or Website Or Even A Forum.
And There Are Many Ways Of Setting Up A Website Either By Having A Blog, Forum, Wapsite or a Full Website
Now I Would Be Teaching You Guys Setting Up A Wapsite Using Wapka.mobi free wapsite service.

Registering A Wapsite Name

1) To Register A Wapsite With Wapka.mobi Click HERE
2) Scroll Down And Click On Registration
3) The next page it will show will be the agreement page which you must click on AGREE, continue To Proceed with your wapka site.
4) The Next page is going to be about your wapsite details which goes like this
Login/Wapka name: This is the name you wish to give your wapsite/wapka site e.g samex4rill.wapka.mobi
Password: This is the password you will be using to login to your site control panel
Email: This is the email address that will be used in sending anything concerning your site privacy such as: pin code, password resetting and so on
Language: This is the language which your site will be based on
Captcha Code: This is a verification code that is used in controlling bots. I.e its is used to recognise real human from bots.
After inputing all the require fields properly and correctly then click on register.
It takes you straight to your control panel from there you can start editing your site by clicking on the Admin Mode link.
Thats that about setting up your own wapsite using wapka.mobi
If you are facing any difficulties dont hesitate to drop your comments below and also dont forget to share us with your friends. Thanks.

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