Stop Yahoo Mail From Sending Spam Messages

Recently, have been getting alot of messages asking me to write a post on "How to stop my Yahoo Mail account from sending spam Message to all my Contacts",
So I've decided to write on it today and i hope it helps.

Firstly, im sure you will want to know how your Yahoo! Mail started sending spam messages to all your contacts, Right?
Now what causes this to happen is probably a Virus, Trojan or Malware that you have invited (unknowingly of course) by clicking on a particular link or downloading a file from the internet which it was attached to and was given permission to run. 
This virus lurks in the background until you log online, then it turns your computer into a "Spam Engine" and starts sending rubbish to everyone in your contact list. 
Let's cut the long story and get to how you can stop it and prevent future occurrences.


1. Firstly, clear all your history, cookies, saved passwords, active logins, cache, offline data & search history.
On Mozilla Firefox simply press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, ensure all the boxes are check before hitting the "Clear Now" button or on Google Chrome, Click on the Tools icon at the Top Right hand corner of the Browser, Then click on Option > Under the Hood > Clear Browsing Data > Choose "Beginning of time" from the Dropdown and also Tick all the Boxes below it, Then hit the Clear Browsing Data button .
2. Goto www.cnet.com and search for "Malwarebyte Anti-Anti Malware" (Its free of charge).
Once downloaded, run and update it.
3. Now Run your Malwarebyte program and perform a "Full Scan"
4. After the scan, Log into your Yahoo! Mail, Click on "Account Settings" > "Passwords" then change your password (Choose a STRONG password different from the first one).
If you have multiple Yahoo accounts, its advisable to use different passwords for each of them.
5. Now, Its adviceable (Optional) to send a message to all your contacts saying, i'm sorry if you've been receiving unwanted messages from my email.
My account was compromised but I've resolved it now.
6. After this, Sign out from your Yahoo Account, clear your recent data once again, run a full scan again then restart your PC.
7. After these steps, I'm very sure the Virus/Malware would have been totally removed from your system.
It worked for me so i'm sure it will work for you too.

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