Browse With Mtn Bis On Computer Without Software

We know Most of you Guys really Surf the Internet during the time of Freegate, or, Ultrasoft etc using your Blackberry BIS Subscription, Now its here again but this time no Software or Application is needed before you can Rock the Internet on your PC.
Let's get Started.

Materials Needed
1. Your Blackberry Phone
2. Blackberry Desktop Manager Software
3. Tether Application
4. A USB Cable.
In case you don't have any of the above materials you can always Google Search to get any Online e.g the Tether App and the Desktop Manager if you don't have it...

After getting them Follow this Steps below to Get things done.

1. Install your Blackberry Desktop Manager software to your computer as you have been installing all other software, Skip this Step if you already have it Installed.
2. Install the Tether Application to your Blackberry phone (What the App does is to powers your Blackberry for a stable connection with your Desktop Manager).
3. Connect your Blackberry Phone to your PC via the USB Cable, Now Open your Blackberry Desktop Manager, Click on "Internet Mobile" located at the bottom left. Now provide your normal service provider's information i.e like your APN and the rest, Then Save it.
4. Set your Browser e.g Mozilla, Chrome and Other Software to No Proxy, Thats all.

Note:- Make Sure you Configure the Tether App you Installed on your Phone with the Normal MTN Settings. Now connect and browse till your subscription expires.

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