How To Make Your Laptop Battery Long Last And Prevent Quick Damage

it is not advisable to always full charge your battery.
It is a basic thing that once you full charge your battery, even before making complete use of it, you recharge it again and this process goes on.
There will be a portion of your battery which is always charged and is never used, with time this area gets damaged and your battery can be used only to the balance remaining extent.
Therefore once charged, try to use it to the maximum and make sure there is only a very little portion left over, don't make the battery run out of charge and suddenly your PC gets turned off.
When your battery levels reaches 10% or 5% recharge it again. So only that much portion gets damaged if ever.

(a) Always use the power saver mode.
You can adjust the power settings from Control Panel –>Power Options. Select a power plan most appropriate for your system.
(b) Avoid Multitasking. If you run too many programs at a time, this consumes lot of power.
(c) Do not keep neither the battery nor the laptop is too hot region.
The place should be always kept cool.
(d) Dim the background light and turn down screen brightness in order to save power.
(e) It is advisable to use a hard disk instead of CD or DVD.
(f) Putting laptop in standby mode won't help much. Better to opt for hibernate mode or shutdown mode
(g) Disable Bluetooth after use.
Most of us won't do it, we completely forget about the Bluetooth factor after use.
This should be taken care of.
(h) Screen savers too consumes power. So try and avoid it, if you want to increase the life of your battery.
(i) Unplug all external devices after use. Printer, plotter,scanner, camera, MP3/MP4 Player and so on.
(j) At times your laptop will ask for automatic program updates.
Disable this feature or opt for ask again.
Also avoid scanning the system when you are using it for some other purpose.

(k) Some of the laptops even have the Eco Utility Option. If yours has it, make use of that particular feature as well.
(l) Sound adjustment in your laptop is also to a certain extent consumes power.
So reduce the volume level.

Beyond the above, take good care of your laptop and its battery.

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  1. Remember that if your laptop is running more efficiently, it’s gonna need less battery power. So, make sure that you clean your drive frequently to get rid of those unnecessary files on your laptop. Likewise, be sure to have all the latest updates because it will provide better features and improve your computer’s performance.

    Lakendra Wiltse


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