Airtel Cheap Facebook Data Plans

Airtel telecommunications has never seized to amaze us with their cheap Internet bundles and plans.

It's no doubt they are one of the few telecoms that makes surfing the net easier and cheaper for their subscribers, we've all seen their whatsapp bundles, Bbm Bundles, Opera bundles and I can particularly testify their cheap data plans are one of the best.
And now I'm here to give you guys info about their Facebook plan, with this plan subscribed on your airtel sim you will be able to Chat, Share Photos, Comment, Send & Reply Messages on Facebook using your Facebook mobile application.

As expected this plan comes in variety there is one of Daily, Weekly & Monthly

How To Subscribe
•Daily:- Dial *688*1# or simply text DFB to 688 this costs 50 naira per day
•Weekly:- Dial *688*2# or simply send WFB to 688 this plan costs 200 naira weekly
•Monthly:- dial *688*3# or send MFB to 688, this plan costs 500 naira monthly.

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