Application To Make Image Fit To Your Andriod Phone Screen

And today i will be introducing you to an application called image 2 wallpaper, this andriod application is one of the must have andriod applications after getting an andriod smartphone.
What this application does is resize and make any image fit to your andriod  home screen without scrolling around to see the rest.
If you are using an andriod smartphone then you should know that its literarily not possible for you to make a picture fit into your home screen as a wallpaper except you crop it and after setting it, the image then zooms in and gets annoying so this andriod application Image 2 Wallpaper is the solution to this.
This application sets a picture as a wallpaper with/ without resizing. Select a picture from the gallery, resize it, and set it as a wallpaper.

Both phone and tablet are supported.
- Resize selected image as you want or to fit to the home screen. In addition, you can keep the size of the image (Dot by Dot, DbD).
- Align the image arbitrary, or snap it to the edge of the home screen or the wallpaper.
- Tile the images or retain margins (borders).
- Set the color of the margins.
- Rotate, flip, crop the image.
- Save the image to the storage.
- Apply image effects such as: Gray scale, Sepia toning, Color level auto adjustment, Brightness adjustment, Contrast, Saturation and Gamma correction.

You can get this application on AppsApk

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