Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Device

We've covered topics on Rooting and Advantages of Rooting.
But in this life that we're living in,  there is nothing good that doesn't have its disadvantages so does rooting your Android smartphone no matter the various advantages you could get by rooting you also have to be careful and consider its disadvantages.

Though the main and most disadvantages of rooting your andriod phones is generally not more than 2 and it will be explained below.

1) Your Phone Might Stop Working (BRicked) :- Bricking a phone simply means killing your phone,  hereby it fails to boot nor power on and no button seems to function.
There are literally 2 types of bricks which are
* Soft Brick :- in soft brick your device will not power on but will get stucked at boot or it may just boot and then get stucked and reboot again,  then it keeps repeating the process.
* Hard Brick :- Hard bricking is when your device wont even boot nor power on at all. And sometimes the power on button wont even have any booting effect at all and your device wont respond to booting.

I'm not trying to break your moral or scare you away here but I'm just trying to make you understand that

With great Power comes great Responsibility

Rooting your andriod smartphone gives you great power and privileges over your phone but you must be very and extra careful during the root process.
Nothing get an andriod phone bricked than a mis-done rooting method or skipping steps during rooting or also using corrupted files. So pls be careful while rooting your andriod device.

2) Your Phone's Warranty Becomes Void :- If you just gotten your phone and it comes with warranty I want you to know that rooting your phone is going to break and void that warranty and if your device develop any software or hardware issue and since your device is rooted and warranty is void the manufacturer may not cover the damages. And you might have to pay for the services from the manufacturer.
So be extra careful while rooting your phone.
As for me this disadvantages didn't stop me from ever rooting my phone what about you?

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