Easiest And Fastest Way To Backup Phone Imei

There has been a lot of tutorials around the net lately about changing and tweaking mobile phones imei.
Mostly the writers don't include how you can backup your imei just in case you need it back because they don't really think you need it again, but I'm telling you right now that backing up your phone imei is the very first and important step you need to carry before tweaking and changing your phone imei.

There are two ways I'm gonna be outlining here for rooted and non rooted user.

2 ways to backup your andriod phone imei.
♦ Write down your imei and keep it at somewhere safe.
♦ Using Mobile Uncle tools for rooted mtk andriod phones.

How to use mobile uncle to Backup and Restore Imei

1. Your phone must be an Mtk device and must be Rooted.

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2. Mobile uncle tools App which you can Download here.

 To Use Mobile Uncle tools to Backup your MTK Android Phone's imei download the application from the above link and install it.
i.) Then open the App, scroll down and touch IMEI BACKUP RESTORE (MTK)
ii.) Choose BACK UP TO SDCARD (MTK) to backup your imei to your memory card or SDCARD2(MTK) to back it up to your phone memory.
After that RE-boot your device when done.
Thats all, you've successfully backed up your phone imei.

How to restore backed up imei using Mobile Uncle Tools
To restore the stock IMEI of your phone launch the mobile uncle tools application again and select - Restore IMEI from SDCARD(MTK) or SDCARD2(MTK), depending on which one you used to back up your IMEI.
After the selection your Previously backed up IMEI will be restored, now re-boot the device to make the changes active.
That's all.

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