Glo Overload Promo Scam Beware!!!

Glo new recharge overload promo has been gaining much attention and this Glo overload promo is too overly hyped.

Though the overload promo is splitted into 3 parts:
★ The 400% bonus on the recharge of 200 naira and above.
★ The 200% bonus on the data purchase of 2,000 naira and above.
★ Last but not the least, the free 120 million naira but to be won in a blind draw for 120 people.

Now lemme get to their scam.  Glo overload promo is promising subscribers 400% bonus on all recharges of 200 naira and above which means if you load 200 naira credit you will receive 800 naira as a bonus plus your main 200 naira, making it 1,000.
But it would have really been a good news if that bonus is to call all networks but guess what?
☆Its only meant for glo to glo subscribers. Can you imagine that?
☆ You can only make use of the bonus at night time which is 10pm to 8am in the morning. Lol see scam o
☆ The promo expiry period is too short to be enjoyed. Can you see that?
☆ Call rate is charged at 60kobo per seconds.  Haba kilode glo.

Can you now see that what they call overload is really overload because they will overload your phone with useless credit you cant make use of.

Why can't they make the usage of the bonus anytime concerning it's call rate.
Why cant the bonus be used to call all networks but limited to glo only.?
If the above is so why cant the call rate then get cheaper so subscribers could enjoy it the most.

Concerning the free 120million naira  cash, why is it that the draw to pick the winners isn't done in public but they are the ones to pick who they want and call it a draw.

Dear esteemed readers abeg shine your eye wella o make glo no Waste una time and credit.

Feel free to share this post to limit people getting scammed by glo.

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