How I Blog On My Mobile Phone Easily Explained With Video

Good day my loyal and the unloyal readers hope you guys are doing great?
Today I felt like sharing my easy way of blogging on my mobile phone with you guys to encourage and also motivate you, And to those who give silly excuses that they ain't able to blog because they got no computer this is also for you because currently I also have no computer and there is nothing disturbing me to blog, less I'm lazy which I agree I am.
So lets get straight to the point.

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Right now I'm using blogger platform which is provided to us for free by Google and I'm also using an andriod phone which I'm using to compose, write and publish my post without stress.

Anytime I want to write my post I make use of 2 andriod application which are:
♥ Blogger
♥ ColorNote

Color Note:-
This application really come in handy when I need to draft or edit posts, its easy and requires no special learning to use it just download it on Playstore or Directly from ApkMirror then install and launch it, after launching you can change the note background color to your choice and save.
You will also see a title field for the title of your note which will later be the title of your blog post, after writing the title then you can start writing your post in the next text field below the title field.
After finishing writing your post in color note application then there is this another andriod application called Blogger which is owned by Google you can download it from Playstore or directly from Apk4fun.

After downloading it install and open it, the blogger app will automatically sign you into your blog account since you've already setup your google email account on your andriod smartphone before, and you will see the list of all your blog post.

If you look at the top right hand corner of the blogger application you will see a pencil icon just click it to write a new blog post then minimize the blogger application and re open your color note, copy your blog post title and its content and paste it to the blogger application according to each text field.

Beside the title field there is a camera icon to add images to your post and there is also a label/tag field in the blogger application which you can add to your post.
After filling all the fields you can now choose to publish or draft your post.

That's how I blog daily on my phone using just 2 application.
You can also watch the video below.

Got any question or something you don't understand? Ask in the comment box.


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