How To Cancel Or Deactivate Caller Tunes On All Network

People been complaining much lately about our networks especially mtn that automatically activates a ring back caller tunes for subscribers and still deduct their money every month.
This has been going on for long because some people got stucked and don't know how to deactivate and cancel the plan themselves.

How To Cancel Caller Tunes On All Networks
To deactivate your caller tune on glo network at any point in time, send the text “dereg” to 7728 and the service will be canceled without any charges. Or dial 7728 and follow the voice prompt.

Simply text the short code "Cancel" to 4100.
After sending, you'll receive a message notifying you that you've successfully canceled your MTN callertunez account.

Simply text the short code "Stop" to 791.

Simply text the short code "RBTOFF" to 251.

Let's say no to Automatic money deduction on our lines.

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