How To Change And Tweak Imei For Android Phone

Do you know you could change your android phone imei number if your phone imei got wiped or you just want to replace your phone imei with another one? 

Some mtk andriod smartphones like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, and few others imei can now be changed, tweaked and fixed, and in this post i will explain to you how to do it using Mobile Uncle Tools android application.

1. This post on how to change imei is being shared for the main purpose of educating our readers, I will not be held responsible if this info is used for any illegal activity.
2. I reserve the right that if you get your device got bricked during the process stated in this post, I won't be held responsible for any Damages. That's why its most important to always backup your android phone before trying out this method.

If your MTK phone is having problem registering your SIM to your network, sometimes due to change of location or you just feel like using a new imei number this is the right post for you. And surely if the steps in this post are followed correctly you have nothing to worry about damaging your phone and be rest assured your phone imei is going to be changed.

how to tweak imei

1. A Rooted Android MTK smartphone, if your phone is not rooted you can learn How To Root Your Android Phone
2. A valid new IMEI number or learn How To Generate Imei
3. The Mobile Uncle Tools Application.

After getting all those ready

Follow The Procedures below:
1. Dial *#06#, write down your phone default IMEI, or Simply Back it up on your SD-card. See this Post on How to Backup IMEI on Android.
2. Install and run the mobile uncle tools App
3. Tap on Engineering Mode and select Engineer Mode (MTK) 
4. Swipe to Connectivity and tap on CDS Information
5. Click on Radio Information and You'll see something like: Phone 1 which means Sim 1 and also Phone 2 which also means Sim 2.
6. Just select any of the sim you wish to change its imei.
7. When you select any of Phone1 or Phone2 a new window will be opened where you'll find AT+ __________ Inside there input your new IMEI number and click on SEND AT COMMAND
That's all!

Though Some devices are different and may want to prove stubborn, so here's an extra tip just in case the steps above didn't work for you.
So instead of the AT+ __________ above just erase it and type the below in the text space

AT+EGMR=1,7,“IMEI_NUMBER(for Phone 1)

TO CHANGE IMEI FOR SIM 2: If your phone is dual-sim, type this command: 


NOTE: you have to change the IMEI_NUMBER in the code above to the new imei you just got and please do not delete the quote around the imei.

After everything is done, Then Press SEND AT COMMAND

After sending the command reboot your phone and dial *#06#, you should see your phone imei changed.

If you get errors saying "Sending AT command Failed" or "module not supported for device errors" all you need to do is, when you are typing AT+EGMR Make sure you leave a space between ‘AT and the plus sign For example: ‘AT {space} +EGMR="2345XXXXX" Now Click SEND AT command, You should get response "AT command is mSent" Now restart your device and dial *#06# to view your changes.

That's all. 

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