What To Do When Your Phone Fall Into Water Or Get Wet

In this post, we would highlight some safety measures to act on whenever your phone fell into water.
Its always the best if you could handover this kind of situations to phone doctors (engineers) but its also better if we could perform a first aid.

Before you do anything on your wet Phone, firstly take it out of the water immediately and switch it off to prevent any shot-circuits.

Pls note that in a situation like this, what you don't have to do is much more important than what you have to do.
Any slightest mistake and your phone might become a history.

But there is this popular saying that prevention is better than cure which I would like you to apply anytime you are visiting the pool or doing something around water why not buy and wear a water proof protection for your phone. This water proof protection protects your phone against water and even allows you to operate your phone inside water without the fear of it getting wet. 

Things To Avoid When Your Phone Get Wets Or Dropped Into Water
☆ Do not turn your mobile device on.
☆ Do not shake the device, as it will may make the situation worse.
☆ Do not connect it to a power source or charge it instantly.
☆ Avoid pressing any of the buttons.
☆ Do not blow in it, as it might push the water droplets deep inside the phone components.
☆ Do not try to dissemble your cellphone.
Note that Your phone is equipped with a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI), and It might be triggered when you take your phone apart, which is going to void your warranty.

Steps To Save Your Device!
★ Firstly, get your device out of water, and immediately switch it off to avoid any malfunctions.
★ Take a dry towel, and start smudging up the water on the device.
★ Now, remove the phone back cover and leave it to dry, Know that this isn’t possible in some device such as the HTC One, Nexus 6 or the Xperia Z series of devices to remove their battery and back cover but If your device battery and back cover can be removed then please do so.
★ Then go ahead and keep it in a dry place and make sure to Eject any SIM card(s), and any SD Card as well if you have any.
★ Hold the phone in an upright position, and let the water droplets flow out of the device if possible .
★ Take a dry cloth or towel, and wipe off any traces of moisture left on the device.
If you’re sure that there’s still traces of water inside your device, you can use a vacuum to suck out the air.
And Remember not to use a hair dryer to blow the device, as it might push the moisture deeper inside the device panel.
Once you’re done with that, take a tight sack or bucket filled with rice, and put your wet device in it for a day or two.
For those of you who don’t know, rice absorbs water fast and more efficiently, thus leaving your device moisture-free!
Now after that take your device off the sack bag, and leave it under the sun for about 12 hours or more.
In the mean time, you can use an alternate device to make calls, or send texts.

After getting your cellphone dried, now, acquire the battery, sim card & SD card you removed, and insert them into your phone.
Try switching it on. If your device switches on normally, and works perfectly, then lucky you But if it doesn’t, try charging your device and If it doesn’t work, try using another battery, as the battery might have got damaged in the water.
If your device doesn’t show any signs of survival, take it to a phone doctor (engineer), and tell them all that happened. They should be ready to help but they might charge some amount for the service.
There is one thing I would like to clarify which is prevention 9is better than cure. Its more safe and better if you are careful around water whenever your device is with you to avoid all this process and make sure to get a Porch for your phone because its possible it absorbs some water before it gets into the phone.

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