Working Tips To Make Your Iphone, Ipad And Andriod Battery Last Longer

IPhone, IPad & Android phones are no doubt the top leading smart phones right now in the world with their unimaginable capabilities and their abilities to do some extraordinary stuffs other mobile phones can't do.

While we praise this phones for their Worth's this smart phones sometimes can be a pain in the a*s. Can you imagine the situation whereby you fully charged your phone to the very 100% and you browsed on full 3.5g connection for an hour and your battery is drained to something around 45%? You'll be like I just charged this phone an hour ago and now its halfly drained.

Those kind of situation are actually disappointing and makes you feel like you wasted some bucks buying the phone.
Ya you might think whatever you want but trust me when I say you might be the one killing your smart phone's battery life unknowingly.
Wanna know why? Then read the below smartphone battery optimization tips.

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1) Screen Brightness : - We all love operating our phones in broad daylight without having to cover up the screen with the second hands just to see it clearly. But its killing battery when the screen brightness is too much, take your time to remove automatic brightness and set your phone screen brightness to a more lower state so that you may conserve some juice out of your battery.
2) Screen Timeout : - All phone comes along with idle state which is when phone sleeps without switching it off. The secret reason behind every phone having this feature is that it conserves the phone battery when you are not using it, but to get most out of this feature is setting it to early sleep because the earlier your phone sleeps the more battery conserved. Make use of it.
3) Application Sounds & Vibration :- You are the type that install Facebook, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp & also Bbm with push notification turned on any slight Facebook updates and any new whatsapp and bbm message. I wont tell you to disable the push notification but remove the notification sound and vibration to enjoy more of your battery . You can always view your latest updates through your status bar without the noise and the shaking stuff.
4) Game Graphics : - Even without me saying it we all know playing games on phone, run down phone battery. But there are some that are game addict. The only option i have for you since you cant stop playing games then you have to reduce the visual quality of the game you are playing, most games have this option in their game settings, so pls try it out.
5) Browsing On 3g :- You love browsing on fast network but you don't want your phone battery getting drained, the fastest battery drainer on smartphone is browsing and gaming. Why not remove your phone's 3g and change back to Edge while you are chatting since you are just chatting and not downloading this also conserve great amount of battery.
6) Airplane Mode :- The almighty airplane mode is the last on the list because its the most powerful power saving option you're gonna ever see.
Airplane mode puts off your smartphone's service both browsing, calling and texting can't be done anymore once your phone is on airplane mode, though your phone will be switched on but there won't be any network signal at all on it.
This mode is good when you are expecting no calls nor text from anyone or you just wanna be alone and listen to music then this is the best option for you even if you listen to music in this airplane mode there wont be noticeable amount of battery drained.

With all this tips above followed I don't think you really should complain about your smartphone's battery draining fast any longer unless you want it to drain.
Please share this tips with your friends to keep them enlightened about getting most out of their battery.

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