Browse Unlimitedly With 70 Naira On Mtn

Due to the popular trend this days with using mtn blackberry sibscription unlimitedly on andriod phones mtn users shouldnt complain about data scarcity unless una get insect eyes.
And now with the latest cheap mtn data plan in town MTN BBLITED which is another BB10 daily plan, working like the previous BBIMIDID plan on andriod using simple server which I published on this blog earlier.
This plan works on both PC and Android devices and Its also working better with SimpleServer VPN and the same old setting (web.blackberry.net).

BBLITED plan is cheap and cost N70 only and you are free to download, stream and surf with it anyhow.
Don't be scared when you subscribe to this plan and you received a message from mtn saying " Welcome to MTN Blackberry BBLITED.
You have 10MB inclusive data bundle ". Just ignore that message and continue surfing unlimitedly.

How To Use MTN BBLITED ON Android And PC
- Make sure you have at least N70 airtime on your MTN SIM.
- Text BBLITED to 21600 and Wait for the activation message.

As Ive stated earlier above, you’ll receive a message welcoming you to the MTN Blackberry BBLITED and it will also tell you that you have 10MB.
Just ignore that message as ive said then Connect and open your SimpleServer app with the settings web.blackberry.com with no changes.
The Same thing also goes for PC users.

But if you are new to this web.blackberry.com settings follow this link to get the settings rolling: http://www.samex4rill.com/2015/02/how-to-browse-with-mtn-bis-on-andriod.html

When browsing, you might receive a message that "Yello! You have used up your BB10 data plan" Ignore that message too, and continue with your enjoyment.

Note: BB10 Lite monthly and weekly plan are also working flawlessly on Android devices and PC with the help of this same SimpleServer and the setting above.

To Subscribe For BB10 Lite Monthly Plan: Text BBLITEM to 21600, cost N1000
Weekly: Text BBLITEW to 21600, cost N350

Enjoy surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading and Streaming


  1. Bro is the 1000 still working

  2. Bcos is it still working, peeps on prof yomi site...said it has stopped...as of Monday last week. pls confirm

  3. This is still working for sure

  4. Alright tanx.....jst one more thing..... can I use d cheat on my bbz10. or is only for andriod phones

  5. As long as simple server works on it

  6. welldonr bro! Pls is dis still working? If yes is d weekly sub also unltd like d daily?

    1. Yes it still works. And its unlimited

  7. Pls.. Just saw ur site... nice work.. tried dis just now and dint get any reply frm mtn.. . Is it still working?


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