How Much Monthly Data Plan Do You Really Need

We all know that people now use smart phones than ever before. However, choosing a data plan that meets your needs and your budget can be hard.
In this post I will be discussing with you guys about data plans and explain how much data some certain tasks use.
My goal is to help you choose and help you know the amount of data allowance that will be right for your needs.
Subscribing for the right mobile phone data plan can be a little hard if you do not have a firm understanding of how long you can use a particular data, such as 500MB or 1GB.
Our mobile phone service providers here in Nigeria offer a variety of tariffs and plans to choose from, so you can easily select the one that suits your needs and your budget best.
So Continue reading to learn more about data allowance and trick to know maybe a 500MB plan or 1GB plan will be enough for you monthly.

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How Much Data Does A Typical Internet Lover Use?
According to research, a typical smart phone user will always end up needing up to 1.1GB to 1.4GB of data every month.
While For most people, a 2GB plan would be more than enough, and it would give them less concern about going over the limit accidentally.
Most Heavy Smartphone users are encouraged to look for a larger data plan of around 4GB or even 5GB per month, so in this way, they will be able to stream all of the music, videos, podcasts, and even do more without having to worry about exceeding their data limit.
Most Light internet users, however, will only end up paying more than the data they need to if they purchase a 1GB or 2GB data plan.
These types of people would be better off if they subscribe for a smaller data plan such as 500MB, Simply because light internet users mostly just chat with peeps and read news on the world wide web and they typically do not bother streaming any entertainment stuffs on their devices.

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To Know How Much Data You Really Need, Track Your Data Usage
Normally, the more data you want, the more expensive a data plan will be. Therefore, you will always want to avoid paying for more data than you really need because doing so simply means you will be paying for something that you will not be using.
However, on the other hand, you also do not want to get a very limited data plan that will result in you going over your limit for the month and incurring extra fees, so for you to know just how much data you really need, i  will advice you should start tracking your data activities for at least a month. You can do so by downloading one out of the many apps available that will allow you to track how much data you use on a daily basis.

While most Android smart phones comes with a built-in data usage monitor which you can also use to track and set your preferred data limit.
To make use of the default Smartphone data tracker Simply head over to your phone Settings >> Data Usage to see what you have been up to concerning your data.

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Smart phone Activities and Their Data Consumption
Another way to more accurately discover just how much data you will be needing each month is by knowing how much data most of Smartphone activities consume.
Understanding this information and applying it to your own data habits will help you figure out whether you can survive with a smaller data allowance or not.

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If you like to stream a lot of videos on your Smartphone while connected to 3G or 4G, you will end up consuming data of about 500MB per hour.
Therefore, it is clear that you are an heavy internet user, and as I've said above if you should purchase a 500MB data plan for a month you should know that it will not be sufficient if you plan on watching even just an hour of video online.
On the other hand, if you prefer to just use your Smartphone to chat, read news and check emails, including those with attachments, you will only be using up about 0.5MB for every message you check or send.
And if you are the type that also like to do a bit of web surfing, you should be rest assured that this, too does not consume a lot of data.
In fact, every website you load from your mobile browser will only consume about 0.6MB, which translates to an average of around 35MB per hour of browsing.
And if you are the type that frequently use apps like Skype to communicate with loved ones, you should be expecting to use up to about 35MB of data per hour on a standard voice call, or 240MB per hour on a video call.

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Reducing Your Data Consumption to Save Money
Discovering how much data plan you need for your Smartphone will ultimately be based upon your individual needs, and as well as your budget.
If it happens that you use up a lot of data, but you cant afford a larger data allowance, i will advice you implement one of the many methods that most people use in order to reduce their data consumption each month to save money and stick with a data plan that provides a lower data allowance.

I believe if you read this post right from the beginning to this point you should now know your category for being a light or heavy internet user and you should by now have discovered the amount of data you really need monthly to cater for your internet needs.

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