How To Enjoy 3gig On Glo With Just 1000

Glo 3gigabyte Subscription For 1000 naira has been my saviour since last year and I've been enjoying every single part of it, as there is no unreasonable data deduction from glo and I've also optimized my android to reduce huge data consumption, though it requires rooting.

This Glo 3gig data is a blackberry plan but due to the help of imei tweaking I successfully tweaked my andriod phone imei to that of blackberry and did some access point settings also and it started working.
Right now I will be explaining all the steps one by one so don't get lazy and continue reading.

Steps To Use Glo 3gig On Andriod Phones
1) Root Your Phone:- The very first step to get this done is to root your android phone, I've covered some awesome tutorials on rooting an andriod phones right here on this blog so i won't be explaining any rooting here again

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2) Generate A Blackberry Imei :- After successfully rooting your device the next step to do is generating a blackberry phone imei number which you can generate by tweaking this blackberry bold 5 imei (358566045344360). I've also covered tutorials on changing android phones imei also on this blog. But if you are having problem tweaking that imei then download blackberry imei generator to your phone and generate the imei of your choice.

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3) Now after getting a Blackberry Imei for Your Andriod phone tweak it to your phone using the method in the imei tweaking tutorial I mentioned above.
4) Now Create a new access point in your andriod phone and set the access point as (blackberry.net) without the brackets then activate it.
5) After doing that, Load a glo 1000 naira recharge card and send Comonth to 777.
You will receive a message saying you've been subscribed to glo blackberry service and you should wait for 24hrs for it to be activated.
Ignore the messages and remove your android battery then re-insert it, when it boots just switch on your data and start flexing tight.

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