How To Record Your Andriod Phone Screen Activities As A Video Tutorial

Ever wondered how bloggers or people record what they are doing inside their mobile phone without a camera or how people create and explain stuffs from their phone in a video format, have you happened to watch an andriod phone tutorials from YouTube and wondered how its done? Well I will be explaining how its done right here at samex4rill. 

There are plenty andriod applications out there that could make screen video recording possible on andriod phones so also there are incompetent or fake applications out there also which will just waste your time and give you less quality video and some won't even record your voice along with your screen video.
Right now I will be introducing you to the application I've used and tested to record my very first mobile phone tutorial video and uploaded it to youtube, the application is called Screen Recorder.
Screen Recorder is an andriod phone application which allows you to record your andriod phone screen activity in a video format and also records voice along with it making it possible to create an excellent and explainable mobile tutorial with your phone. 

So many bloggers and geeks out there have created lots if self explanatory video using screen recorder application and some of this videos is: How I blog on my mobile phone, and many others which can be gotten from youtube.

Screen Recorder has no limit on recording time
▪ Audio recording (Pro)
▪ Android Material theme
▪ Show screen touches while recording
▪ Shake or switch screen off to stop
▪ Possibility to delay start of recording
▪ Banner during recording (Pro)

This application is majorly for andriod 5.0 lollipop device but for you to make it work on andriod 4.4 kit Kat and below your phone must be rooted.
This application can be downloaded from PLAYSTORE but you can get its cracked version at File Missle which has its audio recording feature and customized video banner activated.
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