How To Use Your Phone To Browse On Your Computer

Most people have their laptop with them and still they complain of not being able to browse with it because of a reason or another but one of the main reason is not knowing how to set it up with the internet, and in this post I will be taking you guys through various step of making your phone a data source to your computer.

Steps To Browse On Your Computer With Your Phone
1) Usb Tethering
2) Hotspot
3) Bluetooth Tethering

How To Use Hotspot To Browse On Your Pc With Phone
- If you are using an andriod phone Goto your phone settings >> wireless & network connection >>Tethering & Portable Hotspot
- Switch on your hotspot there.
- On your pc go back to your desktop and look to the bottom right of your screen and double click on the network signal icon
- In the new dialogue box that appears select your phone hotspot there and connect.

How To Use Usb Tethering To Browse On Your Pc With Phone
- Connect your phone with your pc with a usb cable
- Open your phone menu and scroll to settings >> Tethering & Portable Hotspot
- Check the usb tethering option and your pc will get connected to the internet.

How To Use Bluetooth Tethering To Browse On Your Pc With Phone
- Switch on your device bluetooth and also your pc bluetooth then pair and connect them together.
- Open your phone menu
- Goto settings >> Tethering & Portable hotspot
- Enable the bluetooth tethering option and your computer will be connected to the world wide web.
Thats all. Any questions whatsoever ask in the comments box

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