Introducing Glo Overload Promo Cheap 4.5gig Data Plan

I'm still on the matter with glo overload promo even though I once published a post about the hidden facts of Glo overload promo which you should read before continuing with this post and yet I believe I'm suppose to gist you guys about the sweetness in glo overload too.
With glo overload promo you get a chance to get 400% back on of any recharge of 200 and above which means if you load 200 naira recharge card you will be getting 800 naira as bonus with the 200 you recharged making it 1000 naira.
Glo overload promo didn't just stop at recharge bonus, there is also a triple data bonus you also enjoy from glo overload if you buy any glo bolt data plan ranging from 2000 and above.
Which means if you buy glo bolt data plan of 2000 which is suppose to be 640mb normally glo overload promo will triple it which will now give you 2gig for 2000, cool isn't it?

Now to the main gist, there is this glo data plan called always micro which normally gives its subscribers 1.5gig for 3000 naira but its price has been reduced now to 2500 instead of that whooping 3000.
The amazing part of this promo is that if you recharge that 2500 you will be given 7500 naira as calling bonus and still have your 2500 on your main balance which you can use to subscribe to the glo always micro plan, but with the glo overload promo data tripling, if you buy the glo always micro plan you will be given 4.5gig instead of 1.5gig, amazing isn't it?

How To Get Glo 4.5GB for N2,500
1] Firstly, you need to activate the glo overload promo by dialing *200#
2] Then, recharge your Glo line with N2,500 (You should get 400% of your recharge, which should be N7500)
3] Now Dial *127*58# and 4.5GB will be allocated to you instantly.

So please tell me, why will you still go for MTN Night Plan when glo provides a better alternative even with free credit to call.

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