My 15 Andriod Applications I Cant Do Without

Ever gotten a new andriod phone or you already have it but don't know types of applications you could install onto it?
I will be sharing and introducing you guys to my personal wonderful andriod applications that you will always find on my phone.

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1) Opera Mini: This is a wonderful web browser that I use most, I use it to surf around the internet generally and I also use it to read websites and blogs RSS feeds. Its fast and durable.

2) Mobogenie: Instead of Google Playstore I prefer using this Mobogenie andriod application market because all applications in this andriod market are free and safe but unlike Playstore I get to have the apk file of my installed andriod applications in my file manager just in case I need to share it.

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3) Uc Browser: This wonderful web client is a one of a kind mobile browser across all mobile phone platform, be it java, symbian, windows, andriod and even blackberry.
Its website loading speed is lightening and you can set its browser user agent to desktop so you can view websites or blogs as if you are on a computer. And also its most enjoyable feature is its downloading speed, Wao!! Uc browser download files in a very fast and bolt speed no matter the file size be rest assured Uc browser has got you covered.

4) WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a popular mobile chatting client that has just launched its desktop chatting version recently.
WhatsApp also got acquired by facebook lately and yet it's still doing good and fine unlike the snaptu application the organization bought earlier.
WhatsApp chatting client needs no pin or username to start chatting with friends, all you need is just download the application on your phone then register your number with it.
To start chatting with friends just save your friend's mobile number on your contact list and if he or she is also registered with WhatsApp, it will automatically brings his or her profile.

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5) TTPod: There is thousands of music player application out there but I choose ttpod as my favourite ever since I was using my symbian phone up till my andriod phone.
I won't say Ttpod is the best but its my favorite and its also one of a kind as it automatically download song lyrics with artist picture and display it along as you're playing the song.
Ttpod also has different types of equalizer you can use to adjust the music beats and sound to your taste.

6) Image 2 Wallpaper: Andriod smartphones default wallpaper settings requires you to zoom in the picture before setting it as wallpaper but with the help of Image 2 Wallpaper you get to make the image automatically fit to your andriod phone screen without zooming and scrolling.

7) Link2Sd: This application is a mouthwatering app which let you freeze or disable any application from working so as to reduce your phone ram usage and also link2sd let you move any applications installed to your phone memory to Sd Card be it system application or not. But before the application could perform its features fully you have to root your device first.

8) I Qur'an: I'm a Muslim and I don't want to go around carrying the holy book with me that's why I need the digital I Quran.
I Quran is a perfect digital Quran with a well explained tejweeyd and also vocal reading.

9) Color Note: Thanks to color note I can't imagine how boring and hard it would have been for me to blog on my phone without this app, because I make use of Color Note to edit, draft and compose my blog post first before I publish it to my blog.
Apart from composing blog posts, color note is a wonderful and colorful text editor for mobile phones that you won't regret having.

10) Driod Wall: Driod Wall is a data manager or in another words a Network Firewall for rooted andriod phones, with this application on your driod you can worry less and put your mind at rest that nothing is gonna consume your data uselessly.

11) Root Firewall: This firewall is also like driod wall and I use them together just to be extra careful in case either of them is trying to f!ck me up.

12) Go Launcher: There are lots of Launcher for andriod phones but go launcher is a rare kind in terms of clean, smooth, beautiful and fast loading User Interface (UI).
You get to choose your favourite out of go launcher's template and their astonishing wallpapers.
Go launcher even has the gesture feature you can use to quickly launch any application you wish without having to open your application drawer.

13) Photo Grid: Though this application is mainly for those that love taking pictures and griding it with their girlfriend picture but I noticed this application also come in handy in terms of blogging. There are some certain edits I do with this application that are extremely funny and unimaginable and still they are helping me making my post more explainable and readable.

14) Ai Type Keyboard: Currently this post is being written with this andriod keyboard.
Ai type keyboard is a well functional keyboard that chases-off all other andriod keyboards. Wondering how?
This keyboard has calculator and smileys embedded into it, it has its own personal text clipboard, all buttons on ai type keyboard has a secret function they are working for such as copying text pasting them, cutting words and even moving that blinking text writing cursor to the front, back, up and down of text. There are numerous features this application provides which I can't full write here but expect its full details soonest.
15) Copy Bubble: The last but not the least of all is Copy Bubble, this android application is a text clipboard that stores all your copied text, making it accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it.
You might be wondering how this is possible but this application floats on your phone home screen as soon as you launch it and whenever you copy any text it automatically saves to Copy Bubble clipboard so whenever you need any text you copied maybe yesterday you just have to click on the Copy bubble floating icon on your screen and select the text then paste it anywhere you want to.

I think reading this post opened your eyes to some applications that may prove useful to you.

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