Tablet Vs Laptop Or Computer Which Is Better

In this our modern generation we all know that the most popular tablet in the world is the iPad.
Tablets, such as the apple's iPad have make users to harness the power of a PC in a more compact and touch enabled functionality.
Generally Tablets are always superior to smart phones and laptops in so many ways which I will outline below.

Reasons Why Tablets Are Superior To A Laptop/Computer.

Gaming: Tablets allows game lovers play games with a large and wide screen, without the use of mouse or a flat surface. While playing games on a tablet you can decide to simply lay down and enjoy playing your games if you like.

E-book reader: Most students and generally digital readers would love to read on a wide screen device that can be taken along to just anywhere which tablets allows, making tablets compared to smart phones and laptops a better e-readers.
A tablet size and portability can be compared to a book, this design and capability features makes tablets great for reading e-books or PDF, word or any other text files.

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Durability: Some tablet such as the iPad, can be a better alternative to the laptop, but it solely depends on how you make use of them.
Think about it, most tablets users can video chat on Skype, send email, surf the web and can do all these things without having to get off a couch or bed.

Tablets Are Perfect for office meetings: Tablets are not just built for fancy or fun, they are also an excellent device for enhancing workplace productivity.
Think about if you are in office meetings, and your computer/laptop is not with you Tablets which are durable and carry able lets you take notes of any important info and quote during the meeting rendering a laptop/computer useless because You don't need to run back at your desk and re-enter all the important information on your laptop or desktop.
And if you are wondering how you can get those things you wrote in your tablet transferred to your Pc, You can simply share your digital notes on your cloud account and then access it on your work computer that's if your tablet note allows it but there are lots of custom notepad applications you can install on your tablet to enjoy this feature, applications such as Evernote or Colornote makes cloud transfer easy like never before.

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Thrilling Entertainment During Long Flights: If you own a tablet, and have used it during a long flight, you should know how convenient it is to watch shows and movies on them, compared to smart phones with their smaller screen and laptops with their bulky size and battery consumption rate.
One can say in other words that tablets are built for non-stop entertainment during a long travel.

Quicker startup times: Some tablets running on android or iOS can load noticeably faster than a laptop or desktop, Which means that you don't have to wait for 6 minutes or longer for your computer to boot and load up.
A tablet can be switched on and load-up in less than 2 minutes.
This means that you can quickly get to whatever it is you want to do, and at some point, fast startup times can make all the difference in escaping a havoc.

NOTE: Tablets are known to have better capabilities of storing large amounts of data, and people often save a lot of personal information on their personal tablet. Therefore, those who carry around their tablets such as the iPad should make sure their personal data are secured with a data security application such as Folder Lock for iPad, While normal tablets users can make use of the Vault Application.
In addition, iPad or Tablets users need to also secure their Wi-Fi connection while using or accessing the internet in the public, as hackers are often looking for ways to get access to personal data remotely.

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