The unbeatable Top 5 Browsers In The World

Fast and Beautiful browser always capture the heart of many internet users.
I can't imagine myself browsing on a whacked, slow and ugly user interfaced browser. It makes me purge, which I don't consider myself to be lonely in this feeling which is why I have brought to your eyes the best and top 5 browser in the whole wide word.
Keep on reading.

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Maxthon browser is the latest trend now on andriod phones. It just don't get to trend but its because it deserves it.
Maxthon browser supports web url speed dials making access to your frequently used websites faster.
Screen Gesture which is one of the most exciting andriod features is also includes in this browser making you access your favourite website in a swipe.
Maxthon browser also includes My Cloud Tabs which Lets you continue your browsing anywhere you stopped from any device, by automatically synchronizing your tabs to different devices for a seamless browsing experience.
With Cloud Push you can send texts, images, websites/links and tabs to any device that has a maxthon account logged in.
Maxthon Browser offers Cloud Download and Cloud storage to which you can download and save your files to their cloud storage making it accessible on any device whatsoever.
Do you come across something on a website and felt like sharing it with your social friend even though the website don't have the share option? Then maxthon browser has got you covered.
Are you browsing through a website you dont want people to know about? Then maxthon Private browsing allows you browse the web without saving any browsing history, all you need to do is just activate the private browsing mode.
Your problems with browsing through website full of ads is over because Maxthon browser provides option for disabling website ads
And I want you to know that Maxthon web browser is now one of the highest rated browsers for Android today.

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Uc Browser:
Uc Browser is well known for its browsing speed and its supportive of simultaneous downloading.
Uc browser formerly known as Ucweb has been around for a while and have been outstanding in terms of page loading speed and extremely fast downloading speed which I can testify to.
This browser renders default phone browser useless because its got all the features your mobile browser could offer and even more, it support browsing in desktop mode which won't affect its browsing speed.
Uc Browser is equipped with Smart Downloading with support of multiple, background, and cloud downloading which will auto reconnect when there is a network glitch.
With Uc Browser Incognito Browsing your entire web history will be undetectable if you so wish.
This browser Night Mode allows you read more comfortably at night.
With this browser you could watch YouTube videos or stream any video online without having to leave the application and even control the Videos with Gestures, control such as:  Volume, brightness, progress, etc.

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Opera mini:
Opera Mini is not new to most people because its been around for a while even before andriod phones, its well known for its fast browsing and its a free browser which goes out of its way to compress data in the background, so you can browse the internet without quickly exhausting your data cap.
With Opera mini, browsing pages with heavy contents and lots of images and graphics loads in a blink.
Data is compressed at a blazing speed, so you could enjoy the fastest browsing experience on your device.
Opera Mini browser uses up to 90% less data than any other web browsers, giving you a fast and cheaper internet browsing experience.
Opera mini Bigger navigation buttons and a clear layout makes the browser easy for everyone to use.
Opera Mini is supported on almost any mobile phone that can connect to the internet!
With Opera's focus on data privacy, and data security you are assured of safe browsing on the internet.
Opera mini have just improved their Speed Dial with which you can Set all your favorite websites on the browser home screen with no limit to the number of speed dials you can add.
Opera mini recently launched Smart Page where you can Find out what’s happening from all your social sites on one screen.
You can also Save your important webpages on opera for offline reading.

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Dolphin Browser makes mobile browsing easy, with a personalized home screen, voice and gesture control.
Dolphin browser also provides a very good browsing experience.
With dolphin browser you can access the web by creating a personal Gesture (symbol).
This browser also have this Sonar feature which let's you listen and use your voice to search the internet and share on your favorite social networks even bookmark favorite website and navigate through them easily.
With dolphin One-tap Share you can Tweet or Post to Facebook and even grab any content on a webpage and share them, or save it directly to your phone Notes.
You don't have to toggle between screens, dolphin browser tabbed browsing lets you browse as if you are on desktop.
You can spice up your mobile browsing experience by installing dolphin Add-ons for the tasks you need at your fingertips.
Though Some 3 add-on have been preloaded on your dolphin browser right Sidebar.
Dolphin Connect lets you Sync history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs easily over any Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
You can customize your dolphin browser Home Screen and Add most visited websites as speed dials and manage them easily.
Dolphin Browser WiFi Broadcast also lets you Share links with friends on your wifi network.

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With Chrome Browser you can now enjoy fast internet speed on your Android phone and tablet.
Chrome browser is owned by the popular search engine google and its very popular for desktop users.
You can continue your browsing from anywhere or on any other devices with tab sync, search by voice, and save up to 50% of data usage while browsing.
Faster google searching lets you choose from search results that instantly appear as you type your search terms.
Chrome browser Voice Search uses the outstanding wonder of Google voice search to find answers instantly without typing a word.
On chrome browser you can easily read and translate webpages in any language.
Chrome Intuitive Gestures lets you open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly swap through them by swiping your finger from side to side on the toolbar from your phone screen.
This browser also use Incognito mode to browse the web without saving your history.

While reading about this browsers do you think there is any browser that beats them hands down? Then let's know through the comment box.

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