New Way To Browsing On Mtn With Simple Server

As at last week mtn users are still flexing tight and enjoying their bis on mtn using simple server without them knowing its getting blocked soon.
I received a comment on the old blog post about browsing unlimitedly using mtn with simple server saying that the tweak had stopped working so I took to my heels to get a way out for you guys and trust me I found it thanks to Yomiprof.
Let's leave story and face the real koko.
This new method doesn't require subscribing to mtn bis again rather you will subscribe to Mtn Bbmid and then You will use that old settings you used to configure bis on mtn with simple server.

How Can I Setup MTN BBMID To Work On Android And PC?
=> Recharge your mtn line with 100 naira
=> Send BBMIDID to 21600 as a text message and You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and that you have been credited with 15MB.
Just ignore it and open Your simple server settings and make sure it's still that old mtn bis settings with "web.blackberry.com" no change.
This Same thing goes for Android users and also PC users.
After putting everything in place start flexing tight and download like crazy.
Note: This plan last for a day, so to continue using it the other day you will have to re activate that mtn bbmid plan again.


  1. Bro it's working thanks alot... . . Bro when watching YouTube video it's keep pausing it self and when playing game too

    1. bro waasup.thanks for d add. can i have ur facebook id please?

  2. Pls how do i setup my Mozilla Firefox ?

  3. bro that web.blackberry.com dos not work for me but ping.blackberry does will i have difficulty

  4. Please is there no way I can make a monthly sub on it?

  5. It didn't work for you as in?
    But if ping.blackberry.com did work for you then goodluck there wont be any problems

  6. bro thanks alot

  7. Its really working. Oga Boss u are the best. Make use of it while it last.


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