WhatsApp plus now getting account permanently banned

I was just surfing online yesterday when I came across this vital info.

There is a modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp plus that has been getting more attention now from WhatsApp users because of its extremely exciting features.
WhatsApp Plus features include access to changing application themes, ability to hide last seen on WhatsApp, ability to hide online status and so many interesting features normal WhatsApp chatting client don't offer. But it looks like WhatsApp ain't finding it funny because they believe its a privacy and policy breaching and also they once temporarily banned some account of users using the newly introduced WhatsApp plus, but now if you are now caught by WhatsApp that you are using WhatsApp plus I fear you might be permanently banned from using your number on WhatsApp again.

A word is enough for the wise.

Note: There is a news for an anti ban WhatsApp plus version that is rumored not to get you ban by WhatsApp but i would advice you not to heed to that because i believe WhatsApp that's capable of detecting the previous WhatsApp plus version and ban users can also detect this anti ban too.
So don't play games with your account.

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