Airtel Android 4GB for 2K & 9GB for N3,500 Back Again

There's been a lot  of competitions lately be it data reduction from other networks or imei tweaking everything has been putting our network providers on their heels to satisfy we their customers.
Airtel communication has also wisen up And they think the only way to fit into this data competition is to reduced their data price by 100% as well as bringing back their Android 1+1 offer which gives you 4GB for 2K and 9GB for #3,500 which you will enjoy for 2months and 3months respectively.

This plan was was previously stopped by Airtel NG and since they themselves have come to realize that ETisalat and Glo is seriously giving them hard times in the data market so they had no choice than to bring the precious Airtel 1+1 package back.

Note: Before you subscribe, you must be eligible enough if not, it won’t work.
To check Eligibility Dial *437*1# or *438#

If it says you have no sufficient balance then you are eligible but if not then u cant use it.

How Can I Subscribe For This Airtel 1+1 Package?
==>If you are eligible, load your Airtel line with N2,000 or N3,500 depending on the package you want to go for and dial *438#
==>Set your APN to internet.ng.airtel.com
Save and connect.

Will This Airtel Plan Work on My Device?
Yes, it work on all device including iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Blackberry etc...

Don’t hesitate to ask your questions

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