Andriod 5.0 Lollipop Exciting Features

Google came up with the latest Andriod 5.0 lollipop features which is the Google latest updated OS and has made its debut with Nexus 9 and Nexus 6.
Now the big question is what is this latest andriod update all about and what new changes will this new andriod 5.0 lollipop features bring to you.
Let us find out the upgrades Andriod 5.0 lollipop features brings.
Enhancements to battery life:
The best that any software update would ever bring would be about extending the battery juice of its device.
Each passing year developers are trying to bring such battery enhancements that will help them achieve this.
This time when google launched its latest OS just after KitKat the biggest thing that came to forefront is about enhancements in extending battery life.
The Andriod 5.0 lollipop enhancement is all about building apps that are battery friendly and would avoid fast battery drain.
The latest Android 5.0 Lollipop has its focus on saving battery so as to help its users get more out of their device battery juice.
The Android lollipop feature that gives you 90 minutes of additional battery along with estimated time for full battery charge is very fascinating.
To enable this feature, Go under the Settings menu from your andriod 5.0 and you will get the options to enable it.
This does come as a great relief to those who are internet freaks and those that travel most of the time.
New Design:
In the update andriod 5.0 lollipop feature has is it new design and a new look that will accommodate apps that come along with the Android Lollipop.
This update would surely bring about a new look along with consistency.
The material design this latest update has is something that supports better animation, consistency in touch-enabled responses, and a better Android experience.
You will see more transitions, smooth graphic performance, 3D views, better typography, and next level iconography experience.
The new andriod 5.0 lollipop features also include Changes in Lockscreen With the latest version of Android OS, and you are allowed to host notifications.
This comes as the latest enhancement made possible by doing away with the lockscreen widgets.
As a user you also have the controls for choosing the kind of notifications that you can view and the type of info that you will get.
Additionally, you will be able to view and read messages and respond to them directly and quickly.
The best part of this update is the ability to hide sensitive content that these notifications often display, This way you can choose to see what you want then interact or take action for it and even keep it private.
Creating Notifications:
There are numerous controls on the lollipop for users, that help in controlling their notifications and the way they receive messages.
For example, you can adjust the time you want to start receiving messages. This helps you out especially times when you are busy with other things and do not want to be disturbed.
This is what andriod 5.0 lollipop priority notifications feature are all about.
By scheduling time for notifications you will be able to get what you want and when you want it. This way you won't miss out on anything even when you are busy.
Andriod 5.0 lollipop features also include scheduling calls, as you can create a schedule for time you want to start receiving calls. Lollipop andriod update let you gain control of application notifications or choose to even turn off the app notifications.
Personalized Authentication:
This new feature let you get the Android Smart Lock that will help you unlock your device using your wearable, your smile or your car.
There are enhancements to this feature as well as they will also become more user oriented, along with taking high security measure.
This feature would be more personalized and will be difficult to override by any hacker.


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