Fix Couldn't Establish A Reliable Connection To the Server While Signing Into Google Account On Andriod Phones

This google account couldnt establish a reliable connection to server sometimes happen if you've signed in to the account using multiple accounts or maybe you just unbrick the andriod device and sometimes it occurs when you just finish factory resetting your andriod phone.
There might be many options online telling you to do a dalvic cache wipe or clear application data or even re format the device but most of this wont work because ive also tried them when my andriod phone had this server error issue but they all refused to work until I trued the ultimate solution I was first scared to do.

Fix Couldn't Establish A Reliable Connection To The Server On Andriod Goggle Accounts
Here's what you need to do to get over this headache.

1) Firstly I will assume that you've successfully rooted your device if not then Root Your Andriod Here.
2) Then download any file management application like Root Explorer Or Es FileManager after downloading then install it.
3) Open the file explorer and navigate to phone internal storage (not memory card) inside the phone internal storage you will see a folder named 'etc'.
4) Open that 'etc' folder, and locate the file called hosts.
If you are using root explorer just Touch/press and hold the icon of the file to get its context menu and then select open the file in text editor from the menu that shows up.
5) When the host file shows up In the text editor, there will be one IP address to the localhost, i.e.
Leave this as it is. But There will also be a another IP address which may vary depending upon your region or country.
6) Put a # in front of it. (eg. # This will mark this entry as a comment and the device won't read it.

Please before editing the Host File in the text editor please back it up by copying it somewhere in your memory card first before any changes (When I was doing mine, a 'hosts.bak' file was automatically created when I saved the file after editing).

Save the Host file and reboot your device.
This should surely resolve the issue.

Or if you are still having issues with it after trying this steps then please use the comments box to ask your questions.


  1. Plz help am aving same problem with moi samsung galaxy v, @dat host i only see d local host which iz 127.0.0
    1 d second ip address wz nt dere plz did u ave any ip address plz help

    1. If there is no second or any other ip then just put the # sign in front of that first Ip.
      It would work

  2. Bro samex please when ever i click my android home button it keep asking me for my default home launcher and i have chose always but it didn't stop on tecno l6

    1. What type of launcher are you using.?

      Have you tried using Go launcher, 360 launcher or Nova Launcher

    2. Yes Bro but any launcher

    3. This is what I will advice you do.

      Goto your phone settings >> Apps >> All
      From there locate the app named launcher click it and when it details pop up select and click on Clear Default.

      After that uninstall your downloaded launcher and re install the launcher again.
      After installing it then click on your home button and select your choice as default.

      Try that

  3. Thanks Bro but still the same

  4. Replies
    1. im really glad my post could offer you a solution to the phone issue.

      Do check back sometimes

  5. I have the freedom problem. I factory reseted my ascend p2 but forgot to stop freedom before doing so. When I turn on the phone it asks me to sign in to a google account but the mentioned problem appears. The worst is that I can't do anything else. It doesn't let me get out of the "sign in" window. What should I do? Any ideas?

    1. What I would advice u to do now is remove your phone battery.

      Insert it back then press the power on button + volume up button at the same time.

      It will bring up your phone recovery.

      From your phone recovery select wipe and clean.

      Let it wipe ur phone and boot. The login stuffs should go.

      Lemme hear your feedback

    2. That's just what I had done in the first place. Anyway, I managed to skip the sign in part somehow, so I could finally disable freedom and let google play work properly.

      Thanks for your help,

    3. Awww, thats good to hear.

      Ok bro.

      Do check by some other time for amazing posts


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