How To Backup/Restore Andriod Using Clockworkmod

Clockworkmod backup is the ultimate life saver for almost all andriod phones, as this backup comes in handy if you accidentally brick your android device.
Its very easy to use Clockworkmod to restore your phone back to life and running again like you've never bricked it.

Procedure To Backup/Restore Your Mtk Andriod Phone Using Clockworkmod.
1. Flash Clockworkmod recovery image to the phone
2. Switch off the phone and Boot the phone into recovery mode (switch off the phone > press volume increase button and don't release > press power button and don't release > keep holding both till the phone boots into recovery mode )
3. Select Backup and Restore (use the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select)
4. Select Backup
5. Reboot the phone once the backup is completed
6. Open your Memory Card > Clockworkmod > Backup folder
7. The folder named with numbers is your Clockworkmod / CWM backup

How To Restore A Backup Using This Method.

Follow the above methods from step 1 to step 3, but instead of selecting backup in step 4 just choose restore and after successful restoration reboot your phone happily.

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