How To Install Clockworkmod Recovery On Andriod Phones

Clockworkmod recovery is a very special boot mode that gives access to administrative functions, such as installing the base firmware (ROM), making backups, and performing a 'factory reset' on an andriod phone.
Having this Clockworkmod recovery makes sure your phone is ready to be backed up just in case you want to try something new on your andriod phone like Rooting, Font Changing ROMs and many others.
So having a Clockworkmod installed is the very first step in backing up your andriod phones.

Requirements to Backup And Activate Clockworkmod On Mtk Andriod Device.
1. Firstly you need to get MTK droid tools on your PC
2. Download PdaNet
3. A PC/Computer
4. A perfectly working USB cord
5. A working phone (this is needed to install Mediatek drivers, it doesn't matter if its rooted or not)
6. The phone you want to flash the CWM to (might be the same phone as that above if its not bricked but needs to be rooted for this purpose)
7. Make sure you have an MTK backup first just in case something goes wrong.

Procedure to get Mtk backup on andriod phone.
1. Enable USB debugging on a working phone by navigating to Settings >> Developer >> Tick USB Debugging.
If there is no Developer option under Settings then go to Settings >> About >> And Keep tapping the Build Number till Developer appears under Settings, after doing that connect the phone to the PC
2. With the phone connected to the Pc, install PdaNet (Select Other from the list, you should see "Drivers Successfully Installed" at the end of installation) .
3. Open MTK Droid tools
4. MTK Droid tools should display the phone's details by the left side.
4a. But If it doesn't detect the phone then boot the phone into factory mode by pressing (volume decrease + power button) together
5. There is a small box inside the mtk driod tools app box at the bottom which should be yellow
6. Click Root at the bottom of MTK and select Yes if prompted on PC and also Grant it on phone
7. A green bar should load and the yellow box should now become green.
8. Click on the root,backup,recovery tab at the top
9. Click Backup and wait for the backing up process to be completed
10. When prompted to pack backup, select No.
11. When backup is complete, tick 'To select boot.img' (if you don't have the boot.img file then tick 'To select Boot from phone' )
11. Click Recovery and Boot 12. If a Window pops up, select the boot file from the MTK backup you just made (MTK folder > Backups > Phone backup)
13. Click Yes to every prompt you get
14. When prompted to boot into recovery mode, click Yes.
15. The phone should now have and boot into clockworkmod recovery mode.


  1. Bro is there any way to install it without pc

    1. Ya definately there is.
      I will put up a post about it soonest


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