How To Successfully Change Your Andriod Phone Fonts

Customization is one of the selling point of andriod phones and it has been generating a lot of customers for the andriod company.

Among of all the customization available on andriod font changing is one of the most beautiful and exciting feature andriod device exhibits.

Though the Nokia symbian OS once brought something similar, which also contributes to the wide acceptance of tbe symbian phones back then. But now its a new mobile operating system era and amongst the features that came along with this new OS called andriod is also font changing.

Many and various are the ways of changing font on an andriod device.
Amongst this way are changing andriod fonts through andriod launchers while some people prefer using a custom application.
Changing andriod fonts using a launcher doesn't really go down deep to the phone, it only changes the phone home screen font and the application drawer fonts.
However my favourite way of changing fonts on andriod devices is using a custom application.
Though there are lots of applications available to use in changing your andriod fonts but in this life everyone has he's/ her favourite. My favourite and working way I normally use to change most andriod device font is through an application with the name FONT CHANGER.

Font changer is an andriod application which requires root access and changes andriod phones font fully and miraculously.
This application is not the type that will only change just your andriod home screen and its application drawer fonts, but this andriod application will go deep down into transforming your andriod fonts to your desired and selected fonts to the extent that there wont be anywhere in your phone where your selected fonts wont be visible.
I know some people are so eager to get this done with, but chill bro the full steps to changing your font will be explained after the cut.

How To Use FontChanger To Change Your Andriod Fonts.

1)Root Your Android Phone and
Download and run BusyBox Installer, after opening it click on install busybox and make sure your data connection is on.
2) Download & Install Font Changer From Xda Forum
3) Download Root Explorer or Es File Manager
4) Download various and beautiful fonts from 1001freefronts or Fontspace
5) Backup your device

After getting all the above requirements sorted out then you can now open any of the file explorer you downloaded and make sure you configure it to display hidden files.
- After opening the file manager locate the folder with the name ".fontchanger" (if you don't see it, make sure you open the font changer app after installing it then close it again).
- Now go to where you downloaded the andriod fonts and move them to the ".fontchanger" folder
Note: The fonts you downloaded must be in "ttf" format.
If its in .zip, make sure to unzip first and extract the ttf file inside to the fontchanger folder. And if its in "otf" format just rename the "otf" to "ttf".
- After moving the downloaded fonts to the .fontchanger folder now close the file manager and open the FontChanger application
- It will automatically scan out your downloaded fonts
- Select any of them, Preview it and if its your choice then apply it
- After applying the font then reboot your device.

That's all. By the time your device boot's up you will see your newly applied fonts.

Got any question? Or my explanation ain't clear?
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