How To Tweak Your Imei And Get Mtn Hot 10Gig

Mtn Is Back Again With Their Free Infinix Gigs.
This is also for those who missed out the previous infinix hot note imei.
But here again is another hot tear rubber infinix imei
Tweak the below imei


And send Infinix to 131

If successful you should get a Message that
"You have been awarded 150mb for music blah blah......"

just ignore the message and dial *559*4# to check your data balance.

If you are given the gig please note that Its valid for just a Month.
Please do not over tweak what you cant finish, please leave some for other readers online.

If you are new to imei tweaking then learn How To Tweak Imei


  1. i cant generate un;used imei... pls any hepl

  2. Don't even try and tweak because most of the imei has been used (99%)

  3. It still works but its now luck


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