Simple And Sure Way To Get A Fully Approved Google Adsense Account

AdSense is the number one money maker for most bloggers and website owners.
Adsense shares 85% of its revenue with its publisher depending on the amount the advertiser pays.

If you ever wondered why most people keep disturbing themselves to get this adsense publisher account its definitely because of its fraud free and its genuity.

I've once also applied for an account and gotten fully approved almost instantly during the year 2012 but I later sold it during 2014 when I was kinda broke and was not feeling like blogging anymore.

But later this year which is 2015 which I tried to apply for the adsense account with the way I applied for it during 2012, I was disapproved for up to 8 times or more being the reason that adsense had changed its way of approval.
Mind you, there is differences between having an adsense account and having a fully approved adsense account.
The new way adsense work now is if you apply for google adsense account right now with your blog/website google will do a first test which is they firstly check if:-
- Your blog/website address hasn't been blacklisted/ flagged on search engines
- And some people say they also check if you own a top level domain. i.e: if you own a .com, .net, .info domain registered to your blog/website.
- If your blog/website isn't under construction.

If your blog/website passed all this first step then you will be given an adsense account which will be under 2nd review for approval.
During the second test you will be asked to generate an adsense ad code and place it on the blog/website url you submitted during the adsense account registration.
After successful generation and placement of the ad code, your blog/website will now go through the second review which normally takes 3 to 7 days before the final approval or disapproval.

But in this post I will be giving you some simple but very well confirmed working tips to easily get you a fully approved adsense account.

1) Get yourself a blog, forum or a content website
2) Get yourself a very nice,beautiful and navigational template
3) Now make sure you have up to 25, 30 or more quality and plagiarism free post which have nothing less than 300 to 400 words in your blog/website and also no pornographic content must be on your blog.
4) Create, write then link to your About Us, Contact Us, Privacy/Policy page
5) Make sure you have no broken links on your blog/website which means all links must go to somewhere which is not an error 404 page.
6) Its important you submit your sitemap to google to speed up the process
7) Get your website indexed by search engines, majorly google because we are working with google here.
To know if your website is indexed by google just type (site:yourdomain.com) without the brackets in google search box but make sure you change yourdomain.com to your real blog/website address and see the search results if your address has been indexed

After doing all the above now wait for at least 7days and apply for google adsense.

Then voila your account will be approved, thats if you do exactly as I explained in this post.

But if you are still having problems with this steps simply use the comment box to ask your questions or you might save yourself all the stress by hiring me to do the whole adsense procedure for you.

If you will hire me, I will do all the above mentioned steps on your blog like:
- Writing you plagiarism free 20 post depending in your niche
- Submission of your website and its sitemap to search engines
- Creating a custom privacy/policy and about us page for you

Which means I will simply do everything I can until your adsense account is fully approved and functional with just the price of 6,000 (six thousand) naira (not negotiable).
So if you are interested in hiring me simply call 2348117759804 so we could talk more and better.

Thanks My People.

But if you are wondering how possible this is and to assure you I wont scam you.

- you wont pay me anything unless the adsense account is approved and working

-I will give you a temporary right on the account to verify its authenticity.

- you pay me and i will give you the admin rights then you will remove me.

so simple and clear

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