5 Most Important Things To Have To Get AdSense Approval

Getting Adsense Approval has been a worst nightmare for some webmasters and bloggers while getting approved is just a token for some people.
What those having nightmare getting adsense approval dont know is what they are doing wrong, though some might have the idea of what they are doing wrong but cant fix it on their own or they dont know how to fix it and it might also be that they are just too lazy to fix it and finding a easy way out, which wont work with adsense.
To get a fully and flawless adsense account you will work for it.

Most newbies really find the so called pro bloggers irritating because they wont really help them solve their blogging related problems instead they keep giving answers that leads to another question, but on this post im willing to offer my assistance to whosoever is having a problem or finding it hard in getting adsense account approval. But before that, I will like to outline somethings I believe you ought to have  before applying for AdSense just in case you dont know you need to have them.

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Must Have Things Before Applying For Adsense.
1) You need to have a well designed and beautiful Blog (you can Contact Me for that)
2) Contents: when I talk about contents, I mean real post that are not copied and paste from anywhere and post that are long and well punctuated.
Though you might be running and entertainment blog and have like 250 blog post and still get disapproved while someone with a technology blog is having 40 post and getting adsense approval, yes its possible because on an entertainment blog
- your post are too short
- too many images
But on a tech blog which is mainly about teaching or explaining somethings to readers, post are more likely to be content rich and meaningful unlike short news on an entertainment blog.

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Adsense also doesn't want too many images on a page, infact they prefer no image at all because its possible image is confused with an adsense ads which might lead to the violation of adsense ads accidental clicks.
In order to prevent that from happening adsense rejects your account. But if you are the type that have a blog thats mainly full of long and meaningful text, its unlikely to violate the adsense accidental clicking and also with a lenghty post adsense will be able to target more keywords to serve ads on that particular page.

So I suggest you have about 50 post that are 400 words long.

3) A top level domain like .com, .net, .info e.t.c.
Getting a top level domain is like getting a brand. Though not all the time but it does shows seriousness of a blogger and it describes his/her dedication.
Adsense believes free sub domains blogs like blogspot.com, wordpress.com without years of running it and massive traffic is a joke. And yes it truly is because
- your blog could be taken down at anytime by the free host for violation of their terms.
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- you are just like a tenant that could be sent packing at anytime by the landlord.
I will take blogger.com as a study case.
Though blogger.com is owned by google and its uptime is guaranteed and its satisfied no bandwith limit, but it could also be taken down too considering the way google closes some of its services.
Though you might start wondering I said using sub domain blogs is bad and some top bloggers like linda ikeji is also using it.
Well lemme tell you something you don't know about linda's blog.

- it has been taken down by google before without her noticing.

Ya its funny how you could claim you own something but someone just shut it down without even alerting you beforehand.
I remembered back then when a guy reported the blogger Linda Ikeji to google over the copyright of an image and google took immediate action to shut off her blog (just because of a photo).
But due to the fact that she was influential and has been running the blog for a long time hereby gaining her a authority, she successfully restored back her blog.

But at the time the blog was down if you access the address lindaikeji.blogspot.com it shows blog was deleted or moved.

Assuming the blog is known with a top level domain like lindaikeji.com registered to the blogspot blog, she could just change the dns settings to any other of her blogs or anywhere she likes and still keeps her traffic without anyone knowing the real blog is deleted.

4) Website Navigation: There is really nothing good about a blog without a navigable content.
Navigation on a blog varies but the one needed to get an adsense approval are a link to your blog's
- Home
- Privacy & Policy page
- Contact Us page
- About Us page

Having those 3 links on your blog is very essential for adsense approval but not really enough.
Try as much as possible to get or write somethings into those pages you created so they are meaningful.

I will also suggest you make those links 6 or 7 and make sure they are at the header section of your blog and also some of them might also be at your blog's sidebar.

You might be wondering how to make them 6 or 7, its possible because while writing your post, you have to put them in a category or add them to a label.
You can just get the link to a category in your blog and it to the 3 links above in your blog's header. E.g assuming your blog is based on entertainment news, you should have categories or labels like: celebrities. In that category all the post you wrote about celebrities will be there. Just get the category link and include it also at your blog's header section.
Keep getting your most popular categories links and add it to your header links section and also add some to your sidebar.

5) Traffic from search engine: After writing and frequent publishing with so much energy and time you should start getting traffic from search engines even if its little.
But I wont advice you wait for search engines to crawl your site themselves when you can easily call them to crawl it.
Try submitting your newly published post link manually to google using Google Url Submission & Bing Url Submission to speed up the process.

After getting all that done now visit Google AdSense and apply with your blog.

Note: You have to get all those 5 things fully ready on your blog before ever dreaming of applying for adsense to avoid being disapproved.

And also when registering for adsense please use your real information like Payee name, address and mobile number, including your postal code. Please they are all vital.

Let me know what their reply is through our comment box.


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