How To Block Disturbing Ads On Your Android Browser

Blocking Disturbing Ads while browsing your device is the key to smooth, fast, less data usage and enjoyable internet browsing.
Though you can't really block all the ads appearing on a webpage but you can surely decrease the way it affects your browsing experience by limiting them.

According to me I wouldn't like anyone to block ads while viewing my blog, because its on that ads I gain and earn my profit from and I don't think I'm over doing it.
But there are some webmasters and bloggers who use deceptive ways to forcefully display disturbing ads like JavaScript pop up to its readers which really pisses off some people.

No one said a blogger shouldn't monetize its blog, but overdoing it and giving the readers a bad experience is what its not allowed.

So if you have this website you always visit and it shows you disturbing ads then please read on.

How To Block Disturbing Ads On Android Browser

Note: For this method to work for you, I believe you are browsing with your default android browser

- Launch your browser and open a webpage e.g: www.Samex4rill.Com

- Click on your device option button

- Tap on Settings

- Tap on Advance

- Uncheck the "Enable JavaScript" & "Allow Pop-Up" check box.

That's all, I believe after doing this all the disturbing ads should stop displaying on your android device.

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