How To Enable WordPress Post Pagination Inside A Post

Good day my good people.
If you've been a keen reader of this blog you will know that in the past we've covered much topics on android tips and tricks but today we are going farther from our used to mobile mode to a webmaster mode.
Recently I've noticed some relationship based blogs using some sort of WordPress post pagination tricks in their post to improve and increase their blog page views which is making them standout.
Which leaves most bloggers with the questions "How Is He Doing It?"
I'm sorry fellow bloggers, there is really not much tricks to it than just a little code to add to your post before hitting the publish button.

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Note: this pagination I'm talking about is different from post page pagination or blog pagination.
This one I'm talking about appears in your written post on your WordPress blog just like the one below

Advantages Of Using WordPress Post Pagination

1) Increased blog page views
2) Increased Earnings
3) Reduced Bounce Rate
4) Additional Readers Engagement

Disadvantages Of Using WordPress Post Pagination

1) Well I'm sorry bro, I don't see any disadvantages in using it.
Now to add this pagination to your post
1) Write your long post as you normally would
2) add this code "<!–nextpage–>" (without the quotes) to the place you wish to break your page.
That's all.
Note: Make sure you are in text mode while adding this code.
Due to some WordPress themes, the code might not work on some themes.
So just add the following code in your WordPress theme’s template file "single.php"
<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>
<?php the_content(); ?>
<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>
<?php comments_template(); ?>
That's all.

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