Know The Most Android Data Usage Consuming Application On Your Phone

We've known android to be a very big data usage Mobile Operating System, even those that are not using android devices know this due to the common cry they hear from all android users.

There is this popular saying that

"To Solve A Problem You Have To Identify It First"

So in order to know how to truly save high android data usage on your android you need to first know All Application that have access to your phone data, then you will narrowly navigate to the main data consuming application and take care of it.

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I would have love to explain how to save yourself from too much android data usage but that will be on another post.

I'd like us to continue with our discussion.

To know the exact data usage you are consuming daily on your android phone you don't really need a third party application because android device always come with a data usage statistics that outline and breakdown the total amount of data you used either in a month, week or a day. So I see installing a third party or separate application to manage that for you is a complete waste of  time and waste of phone RAM.

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To access this android data usage and use it to know your daily data consumption

1) Open your android device applications drawer.
2) Locate and tap on settings
3) Click on Data Usage.

4) You will see a graph, then either above 0r below it you will see the current month of the year with a date

5) Switch on your phone data even if you have no subscription.
6) Click on that date and it will drop down.
7) Scroll through till you see "Change Cycle" then click it

8) It will open a dialogue box like pop up and it will ask you to choose the day of the month you wish to see the amount of your android data usage.

9) After choosing a date now click on "Set"
10) Scroll down and see the applications that exhaust most of your data.

You can now simply uninstall the useless but huge android data usage application on your phone or simply optimize your data usage by disabling background data for the specific application by clicking on the application from the list and then tick the "Disable Background Data" option.

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