How To Fix YouTube Connection To Server Lost

Seeing YouTube connection to server lost most times is frustrating when you launch youtube mobile application for android and try to stream a video then all you see is "Youtube Connection To Server Lost, Touch To Retry" or maybe you just want to quickly prove some point or show a friend one or two things in a youtube video by playing the video to him online through the youtube android application.

Though people don't actually experience this problem using the YouTube website generally because its straight and forward, but their andriod application seems to give most andriod users issues.

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There has been numerous ways all over the internet solving this youtube connection to server lost issue but most of this way or method don't permanently solve the YouTube server lost problem but in this awesome post I will give the ultimate solution to tackle this types of issue.

The fact that most people arent aware that this youtube connection to server lost is actually an error from the youtube mobile application, so they always assume this error is from their mobile service provider or their mobile operator, but definitely its not actually from your mobile service provider.
I have my reason of saying so which is because no matter how strong your phone connection or network signal is, the youtube application will still reluctantly display "Error Youtube Connection To Server Lost Press Retry" even after connecting your mobile phone to an hotspot using a WiFi.

Youtube Connection To Server Lost
Fix Youtube Connection To Server Lost

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How To Fix YouTube Connection To Server Lost Retry Error

To fix youtube connection to server lost error simply follow the below steps

1) Root Your Device
2) Then Download Root Explorer and Link2Sd application
3) Open the Link2Sd and use it to locate the factory pre-installed YouTube application
4) Tap and Hold on the youtube app till a pop up dialog appear then click uninstall (It may display a warning saying its a system application, just ignore and uninstall it)
After uninstalling the YouTube application using link2sd now close link2sd and launch/open the Root Explorer app you downloaded
5) Click on the search icon in the application and type YouTube in the search field
6) Be patient while root explorer search and look for all files, folders and applications with the name youtube in them

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7) After finding all files or folders with the name YouTube now you'll have to select them all and delete them.
8) Now after deleting all traces of YouTube on your phone now download a new fresh and latest version of YouTube from Playstore, Mobogenie or any Android Application Market.
9) Install it and continue enjoying streaming your videos online without any future problems.

Are you not clear on any part of my explanation on how to fix youtube connection to server lost error?
Please use the comments box below to ask your questions.
I'll be more than glad to answer them all.

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