Solution To Restore Deleted Pre-Installed Application On Andriod Phone

Due to the wide spread usage of andriod mobile phones this days, both pro and newbies are now using this Os.

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The people I refer to as pro are the geeky type i.e: those that really know alot about mobile phones, while those that I refer to as newbies are those that can hardly operate a Java or symbian phones.

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To cut the story short, there was this guy in my hood that mistakenly delete the pre installed phone dialer application on his andriod device and as a result of this he couldn't locate where to call anymore on his driod, even if he has a missed call he couldn't view it not to mention viewing all his call history. He was kind of scared wondering what happened to his phone and I too was baffled and surprised about how pre installed andriod application could be mistakenly uninstalled without using a root app.

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We might keep wondering till tomorrow but it is already a done deed and now we looked for a way forward which we tried so many ways like me using link2sd to send the pre installed phone dialer app to his driod but when he tried to install it, his phone displays there is an existing application name which has to be uninstalled.
To cut the story short we tried different method nothing seems to work but one did work and I will be explaining it after the cut.

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How To Restore Deleted Pre Installed Application On Andriod.
1) Switch off your phone
2) Remove it's battery and wait a lil bit
3) Now re insert the battery
4) Boot to recovery by pressing and holding down your phone power on button with the volume up/down key together.
5) Select wipe data or restore factory setting or anything related to that.

Different phones brings different English

6) Now allow your phone to finish restoring and boot itself.
7) Now after it boots check the phone dialer application and smile to your phone.
8) That's all.

Note: This method not only applies to the phone dialer, it applies to all uninstalled pre-installed application.

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