Tricks To Boost Chrome Browser Browsing Speed Drastically

I checked my blog traffic stats today and I realized there are more readers reading my blog using Chrome and Opera browsers.

Chrome is a Google built internet browsers with outstanding features which will make you marvel.
This browser surfs the world wide web in a fast and smooth manner that makes users want more.

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But if you are using an android device with a low RAM or ROM I guess you might be experiencing sluggish loading of web pages because of the high data chrome consumes, be it phone memory or mobile data.

Clear The Cache: Stored application cache makes android application sluggish as the cache files gets larger. But most of the time Clearing  application or software stored cache files generally makes all application restore its lost speed and efficiency.
Chrome is also no different, as clearing chrome browser cache from the application settings might be the ultimate solution to boost chrome browsing speed on your device.

To do this for your chrome
- Open your android phone settings >> Apps >> Locate Chrome and tap on it
- Find the Clear Cache button and also tap on it to clear the previously stored cache file.

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Reduce Data Usage: Most times you might be getting disturbed by slow loading times.
Chrome for Android includes a reputable Data Saver option that can cut and break down your data consumption and also speed up your webpage loading speed at the same time.
To reduce the data usage of chrome, navigate into the app menu >> tap Settings and then choose Data Saver to turn on this amazing feature.
One of the most amazing of all is that you can see how much data you've saved with this option.

Release More Memory: Chrome mobile application is just Like the desktop version of the chrome browser.
Chrome includes a number of settings flags that usually not accessible to the user but which you can access by entering "chrome://flags" into the chrome address bar.
But according to what we are talking about in this post we will directly access the more space settings page by typing "chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area" in the chrome browser address bar.
When you enter it to the address bar it will show you a drop down menu option, Just Tap the drop-down list under the highlighted heading and ramp the figure up from Default to 512.


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By doing this you are giving Chrome more of your device's memory to work with, so you should see more complex sites loading faster and lag times reduced.
After doing the adjustment, Tap Relaunch Now to finish.

Disable JavaScript:  In terms of performance, disabling JavaScript can help boost webpage loading times and also dramatically reduce the amount of strain placed on your browser.
Though JavaScript is useful but at the same time it can affect the chrome browser performance.
To disable JavaScript on chrome navigate into the app Settings >> Content Settings and uncheck the JavaScript check box.

Note that this will disable certain features on certain sites, particularly where interactive elements are concerned.
Its best to disable JavaScript when you're on webpages that you just want to read.
Even so, you might find it useful when trying to bring out some extra speed from Chrome on Android.


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