Amazing 5 Best Download Managers For Your Computer

Downloading from the web is not suppose to be a sickness or something disturbing if you know how to go about it well.
Most times I find it hard to read ebooks or any tutorials or blog post because it makes me hungry real fast, so I prefer watching the videos online but most times I download those videos so that I can also share it with friends and sometimes I save it to my online file storage accounts.

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With all this downloading this and downloading that, the secret of my smooth and fast downloading is the help of my download managers.

Download managers are the ultimate solution to downloading large and massive files. If you are used to downloading stuffs like movies, softwares and musics within your browser then i believe you must have been experiencing decreased internet speed and slow load of page in that browser and that's because you are giving the browser too much work to do. That's where Download Managers comes in to help.
Sometimes you might be downloading a file on your PC with your browser and its almost finished downloading like 96%, then suddenly your connection went off so your downloads become interrupted, later on you managed to restore the connection and tried to resume the download but to your surprise the files started all over again from the beginning.

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You'll be like Damn!!! Oh my God

That's where download managers come in to help.

Advantages And Features Of Download Managers

- Simultaneous Downloading from multiple Mirrors.
- Accelerates Downloading Speed Up To 10x Faster
- Some Download Managers helps you download only the selected parts of a zipped file.
- Some also offers HTML spider which enables you to download a whole website.
- Download Managers Adjusts traffic usage for surfing and simultaneous downloads.
- With Managers You Can Resume broken downloads.
- You can schedule downloads.
- Some Download Managers Like IDM has advanced browser integration facility and this feature Enables you to catch any download from any application.
- You can set download limits.
- It uses very low system resource.
- Checks the files for viruses, spyware, and adware.
- You can view information about the files before downloading to know whether the link is valid or not. Example is Download Accelerator Plus.
- They are always available in different and multiple languages.
- Some has FTP Explorer.

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Top 5 Download Managers For Your Computer

1. Free Download Manager [FDM]
2. Internet Download Manager [IDM]
3. Internet Download Accelerator [IDA]
4. FlashGet Download Manager [FDM]
5. Download Accelerator Plus [DAP]

Download managers are important if you are the type that download frequently because they help you manage all your downloads with their efficient file management system and as well as their renown ability to accelerate the download speed to a greater and noticeable extent.

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