Differences Between Android M And Lollipop

There has been some noticeable differences between Google's Android M and Android lollipop and i believe its no strange news that google has rolled out new android update called Android M which has some improved and interesting features compared to the latter versions e.g lollipop, KitKat, jelly bean and others.

So right here in this post I will be revealing out the interesting improvements that's been made to android M.

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1) Advanced Application Permission: On Google's previous android versions you don't have the right to customize the exact permission you want to give an application, but instead you have to accept all permission before they are installed to your device from Google playstore,  but on android M you have the access to set the specific permission you want an application to have access to.
Also there's is included option to revoke application access in the device Android Settings.

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2) Advanced Battery Management: Android M comes with a new battery saving function known as 'Doze', which uses the device's motion sensors to detect if the smartphone is being used or not being used.
If the device is not being used then Doze will send the device to a deep sleep mode which will powerfully conserve your phone battery. 

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3) Introduced Fingerprints Sensor: There is no more fake fingerprints sensor applications again as Android M now fully Supports and Recognises Finger Prints.

4) Versatile USB Port: With Android M your device USB port can charge in two ways i.e: you can connect your USB cord to your device in both ways, there is no up and there is no down.
Also you can charge other phones with your smartphone with the latest android M.

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5) Improved Application Drawer: In Android M your frequently used applications are automatically displayed on your device home screen for easy and fast access to your favourite apps.
There is also an alphabetized scroll on the left-hand margin.
You will also see a search function in the top-right corner of your home screen too.

6) improves Ram Manager: With android m ram manager you are perfectly aware of what application is really eating up your ram or the application that is going to eat it all up. because with the latest update it highlight the current usage and the approximate maximum usage an application will use out of your device ram.

7) Advanced Storage: The advance storage feature in this update is what i call "Goodbye To Installation Slavery".
One of the big difference between Android M and lollipop is that It comes with a feature where you can use your memory card as an internal memory.
Which means there is no application you can't move or install to your memory card instead of before where some applications will forcefully install on the main internal memory.

Though the differences in Android M and Android Lollipop might not be much as expected but we should expect google to roll out huge update every year since they've decided to always release new android Update annually.


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