Have there really been a time you just ask why me? Why did this happened to me? Why I'm I passing through this? Or you wondered after an event occurred, is this a consequence of my actions? Is this what I deserve? Didn't I tried enough? I'm I  being a target? Or why is it this bad?all these questions leads us to ask why do things go wrong?.

Well there are a lot of theories, explanations and answers to that question, some are spiritual, psychological, medical, traditional some are even historical. But I will be giving you some hints derived from conclusions from these methods on the answers to why things have to go wrong, maybe attimes.

Do you have a role model? I will advice you to do some digging about their life history, if you don't have a role model, try searching the life history of atleast one of the top successful personnels in business, sports, music or in your religion.

The reason is for you to find out you are not singled out to be punished, you are not the only one to have family issues, business challenges, career threat, or any other things you might be passing through, a whole lot of people experience the same or worse and they are there at the top, it's just that people will ignore you when you got probs but overcome it and they will worship you.

"Things go wrong just to make us strong, when the weak give up those that are strong rise to the top". Don't be discouraged, depressed or feel dejected when things don't work out as planned, it's not because you didn't tried enough, it's not because you didn't put in enough effort, you can just ask yourself maybe life is just trying to test your resolve, if you really deserve what you wanted, so you need to knock it off and tell yourself "hey, I'm not giving up, I will carry on".

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