How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening Whatsapp

Since the WhatsApp takeover by Facebook WhatsApp messages have not really changed, I mean no real significant changes has happened to the messenger as we thought it would have happened.

When I heard the buying if WhatsApp by Facebook, I was like "so we will now have to associate WhatsApp account with Facebook?" "We will now sync WhatsApp messages with Facebook?"
But I was wrong because it almost like Facebook didn't acquire WhatsApp at all, there was no significance changes made to the messaging client.

I've always enjoyed messaging through WhatsApp because its more like I'm texting SMS, its so easy, fast and less data consuming if you are not sharing images, audios or videos through the messenger.

Most times I might be busy at work doing something's when a WhatsApp message would just come in, I always have to reopen WhatsApp and read then reply the messages until I discovered a function inside the client.

This function is called WhatsApp Pop Up Notification, it pops up any message sent to you through WhatsApp on your phone screen no matter where you are in your phone, even when your phone is locked and also you can reply the messages instantly without opening anything.
Ever since I've stumbled on this feature my chatting with WhatsApp have been very easy, efficient and super fast, because I don't have to re open WhatsApp each time to reply messages, neither do I have to unlock my phone each time I receive a WhatsApp message.
I know this stuff is cool and some people haven't been aware of this stuff yet, that's why I'm bringing it to public with my blog.

How To Make WhatsApp Messages Pop Up

- Launch Your WhatsApp
- Click on Menu and select settings

- From Settings now click on notifications

- You will see series of settings you could do there but we are talking about popup here, so look right under the message tab and click on pop up notification

- Options will be made available to you ranging from
No Pop Up
Only When Screen On
Only When Screen Off
Always Show Pop Up

Just select your choice. As for me I selected it to always show pop up so that I could always reply and read my WhatsApp messages anywhere in my phone.

Thats all, if you are having problem getting this done please use the comment box to ask questions and I will be glad to answer you.

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