How To Restore And Get Back Deleted Files On Android Phones

Hello readers, I guess you are all are doing good.

I've been receiving this complain from android users concerning the deletion of an application, files, games, music or video mistakenly and they are like asking me

"isn't it possible for android to have a recycle bin?"

"How do I get back my deleted files on my android"

Due to this fact I decided to come up with a blog post addressing this issue.

Yes it is possible to get back what you mistakenly deleted on your android device, in fact you can make your android phone have a recycle bin just like a computer.
Don't know what a recycle bin is?

Well a recycle bin is more like a waste bin or thrash can where all the trashy and useless files including apps you deleted from your PC are being stored, from this thrash can you can restore back any deleted file if you later needed it for something or maybe you deleted it by mistake at first.

You might be wondering that if the deleted file is still in the recycle bin then its not deleted from your computer.
Well I would partially say YES and also I would say NO, reason behind my double answer is because files deleted into the recycle bin will not be in the location you deleted it from anymore it would only be visible in the thrash can, though the file is still on your PC but its won't be where its supposed to unless you look inside the recycle bin. Example: You have a game installed on your computer and have the shortcut on your desktop screen, if you delete the game from your PC you won't see it any longer on both your computer and on your desktop screen even if you search for it. But if you look in the recycle bin you would find it there waiting to be restored or got deleted permanently.

Inside a recycle bin you can choose to permanently delete the files and never ever see it again on your computer or you can choose to restore it back to it's previous position. That's how the recycle bin works and how to enable this feature on an android device is what I will be talking about in this post.

Though recycle bin is not a stock application or feature on an android phone but you can activate it on it either your device is rooted or not. But I'd prefer you ROOT YOUR DEVICE

Steps To Recover Deleted Files On Android Phones

1) Download Dumpster Application.
2) Install and open Dumpster.
3) Dumpster will ask what type of application or files you would like to recycle if deleted, you can choose your custom option or leave the default options.

4) Dumpster now analyzes necessary informations

5) That's all, anytime you delete any of the selected files it would be be deleted but be stored in the dumpster bin.

If there is any file you wish to retrieve back from your android recycle bin just open the dumpster and select the application then tap on restore.

That's all to it..

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