How To Use Imei Analyzer To Tweak Imei Effectively

Imei tweaking, Imei changing, Imei cheats has been trending all over nigeria, even the small boy at the corner of your house or workplace will boast to you his Imei tweaking Skills.

Though at the rate of which the Imei tweaking stuff is trending in nigeria, I find it very hard to believe that some people couldn't get the right, easy, fast and effortless way to do this thing.

As per what Samex4rill.Com is based on, my duty is to make it easy for as many people as possible.

Now to the main post.

The tweaking steps I will be explaining in this blog post don't require you to root your phone or hack your phone, its simple and straight forward.

To be able to tweak an Imei successfully you will be needing an Imei analyzer which you can download the android application from NaijaMouthed.
Though there is a website that does the Imei analyzing stuff but I'd prefer you to use the android app as its straight forward and could work offline.

I believe you've gotten the android application.

Assuming you are given an Imei which is normally a 15 digits e.g: 353709061345245, to tweak this Imei successfully you have to understand that the first 9 digits of this Imei is genuine which means you must not touch it, but the other rest of the Imei can be tampered and changed.
In our case of the Imei up there, the first 9 digits of the Imei are (353709061) which needs additional 6 extra digits to make it a complete full 15 digits imei.
Thats where your brain comes in, you can just simply add any extra 5 digits of your choice to the genuine 9 digits e.g: (35370906183679),
Looking at that Imei its 14 instead of 15 which is suppose to be, but don't panic just copy the 14 Imei and paste it inside the text box of your Imei analyzer as seen in the below image.

After pasting it there, now click on the analyze button and the last digits of the Imei will automatically be generated for you making it 15.
As seen in the image below


Sometimes when you browse sites or someone gave you an imei they will tell you to tweak the last 3 or 4 digits, don't panic once again, just copy the full 15 Imei they gave you and paste it into your Imei analyzer, then delete the last 4 numbers or last 3 numbers as you are instructed.

If you are told to tweak the last 3 digits of an imei, just delete the last 3 numbers at the end of the full Imei and add just 2 numbers to it then click analyze and see your full Imei.

Sometimes you will be told to tweak the last 4, just delete the last 4 numbers of the Imei and add 3 numbers to it then click on analyze to see your full imei.

Thats all about analyzing Imei.

To Know How To Perfectly Tweak The Imei Into Your Phone Using Mtk Engineering Mode,Then Follow My Post On How To Change Or Repair Imei For Android Phones.

If you have any issues related to this Imei analyzing stuffs please comment below.

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